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    Malkoff MDC, Cool White, L-M-H $103 Shipped

    Great EDC😎 Save $30 and buy mine🤪
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    For Sale 

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    Many Lights😎

    Here are the lights: !!!SOLD!!! Jetbeam RRT01 w/clicky and 18500 / 18650 adapters, no battery… $60 shipped. Jetbeam RRT01 no clicky, no battery… $60 shipped. Olight Baton 2 w/charger and battery… $44 shipped. !!!SOLD!!! Olight S-Mini Titanium… $85 shipped. HDS Executive, 325 Lumen w/HDS...
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    MDC w/XML?

    I would like this offered as an option. My preferences lean toward smooth, transitions between spot and spill and even spread… I’ll bet the XML would do the trick. I would also love an 18350 size battery compartment and support for RCR’s😎🙈
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    Medium of Low Orange Peel Reflector For Malkoff Mag Conversion

    What is out there right now that I can use to change out the stock maglite reflector that is cut for the new malkoff drop ins. I really would like a nice reflector to smooth out the beam a bit.
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    M2R Warrior Pro vs. Warrior Mini 2

    I compared my new Warrior Mini 2 to my M2R Pro and was blown away by the difference in the Intensity of the hot spot. To my eyes they are similar in size but the M2R throws as hard or maybe a bit harder than the Mini on Turbo when the M2R is on 750 Lumens🤯 I will be curious to see the...
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    More Happiness… Malkoff MDC + KeepPower 3.0V RCR123

    I had to share this also… I’m thrilled also with the Malkoff MDC + the KeepPower 3.0V RCR123 battery. I love the Malkoff but could not stand that I could not use rechargeable batteries… I just don’t love not knowing how full my battery is and I never can remember when I am using primaries. The...
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    Very Happy… Surefire Tactician + Malkoff MDC + Efest IMR Flat Top Battery

    The Tactician head fits perfectly on the MDC body and works perfectly to give both a high and low beam. I was able to get around 30 minutes at something better than ~325 lumens with the Efest battery. I shut the light down when it looked like the output was dropping below ~325 Lumens and this...
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    WTT A Light or Some Combination For Nitecore P20iX

    I am interested in trading some of these lights… I am interested in a Nitecore P20iX, a Surefire Saint Minimus (or Maximus) and HDS… Picture is available here In the pic are the following lights: Olight Baton Pro Titanium Surefire E1L Outdoorsman w/Lumen Factory 3 Mode Head, High CRI...
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    Replacement O-Ring For Surefire E1L Outdoorsman

    Does anyone know the size o-ring that I need to get to replace on on my E1L? I tried Home Depot and a #13 looked to be the right diameter but it was too thick and would not let the head screw down to the body enough for the battery to make contact.
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    Anyone Else Have A Paul Kim Autographed Surefire Hat🤪 Got this one at Shot Show in Orlando... had a great time with a lot of old timers like Scott, Troy, Brandon, Henry etc... I would enjoy doing that again. Wished PK signed it with a sharpie... Surefire was great though... they sent...
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    Olight Baton 3 Runtimes

    The reported runtimes on the Baton 3 are crazy... anyone know how Olight was able to squeeze out so much? Is it battery or LED or driver or a combo? 7 hours at 60 lumens from an IMR sounds pretty great and so does 33 at 12 lumens🤯
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    Cheers to Malkoff!

    Unrivaled customer service and bombproof, high performing lights is a hard combination to beat!
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    Cheers to Modernflame

    Their unprovoked act of kindness was a blessing to me and I am grateful❤️
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    Recommendation For UI

    HDS lights really are spectacular on nearly every level. I do, however, have a recommendation that I hope is helpful and possible. I always wished I could access the lowest level from off... the UI allows for access to primary from off (1 click) and it allows for access to high from off (click...
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    Malkoff MD2 Question

    I purchased a complete Malkoff light with a high low ring installed and am very happy with it. When I saw that the 3-level drop ins were available, I decided to try one of them. I uninstalled the high / low ring and did not put it back in assuming it was not right for the 3-leve drop in... now...
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    A Controversial Possibly Incendiary Point Of View

    I hate to do it... I hate to turn this peace-loving forum into a conflagration where dualing opinions and points of view spill over into rancor but this is something that I think is important enough to say that I must risk it:kiss: The JETBeam RRT01 Raptor 2020 edition is an unnatural...
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    Surefire U2 What Happened & Wishful Thinking

    The U2 was the first light I bought that I cringed at the thought of my wife finding the bill and realizing what I paid for it... it was so expensive to me at the time but when I got it, man-oh-man did it make me happy! The Lux V pushed out a ton of light and the selector ring and the form...
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    Olight and Olight’s Warrior Mini

    I remember when Olight hit the scene and David helped to introduce them to the American market. I purchased a number of their lights and have been very satisfied with them... output, runtime, user interface, optics etc. are all very nice and they have been for quite some time... But...
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    Is There A Better Two Light Combo?

    I don’t know of a better two-light combo than the Surefire EDCL1-T and the HDS Executive... The Surefire gives throw, tactical capabilities, and excellent runtime and usefulness on low and the HDS is, in my opinion, the best all-around light ever made. What other two lights would you pack in...