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    ACEBEAM IMR 3100 mAh "PROTECTED"?????

    Is the ACEBEAM 3100 mAh IMR really "protected"? My understanding is that protection usually refers to low voltage cut-off. But Acebeam says "short circuit protection". Is that the same thing, and if not, is that battery really "unprotected" ? Brightnorm
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    SAFEST low discharge voltage for high drain unprotected 18650s?

    Even though I'm a long-time CPF'r I know little about high drain 18650's, and I have always stayed away from them. I have unintentionally discharged protected Orbtronic 3500 Mah as low as 3.3 v with no apparent problems, but I'm afraid of doing that with unprotected high-drains. I would...
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    mAh Lmit for Protected 18650's ?

    Is 3600mAh the limit for Protected i8650's, or would a greater capacity require a technological breakthrough? Apologies if this has been asked/answered before. Brightnorm
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    Is the Eagtac TX25C2 the "best" VERY compact 1x18650 thrower?

    At 4.75" length, less than 1.25" diameter bezel, and 1" body diameter, I find this little Eagtac TX25C2 thrower to be very impressive. Have there been any recent lights of similar size that are better/brighter throwers? Brightnorm
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    Can anyone figure out how to tailstand the new Fenix PD35?

    One Amazon reviewer suggested a 1" plastic grommet. Have others dealt and solved this problem? Too bad Fenix didn't provide a tailstand option for this otherwise terrific light. Brightnorm
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    Eagletac is discontinuing the M2/M3C4 lights.

    That is a direct email quote from Julie Seward, Internet Support Pacific Tactical Solutions Inc. Is this old news that I should have known, or is it new? Does anyone know why this decision has been made, and what will replace these lights? Brightnorm
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    Surefire batteries at Amazon

    (Moderator: I'm not sure if I'm permitted to post a dealer and price, If not, please delete) Box of 12 - $20.17 (Free shipping with Amazon Prime membership)...
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    PILA IBC Question

    I would appreciate some advice on this - I have two PILA IBC chargers which came with two power supplies. The chargers have identical specs and appearance but the power supplies are different in both appearance and specs. One is rectangular: MODEL: 3A-161WP06 INPUT: 100-240V, 50-60Hz,0.6A...
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    PRIMARY LITHIUM BATTERY FIRES: FAA Mandates Two Different Methods

    As a CPF member and fairly frequent flyer I knew that Li-ON fires could be extinguished by an ordinary ABC extinguisher, but lithium primary (lithium metal) fires could only be extinguished by a class D (metal powder especially nickel) extinguisher. Since commercial aircraft only carry...
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    Making Selfbuilt's Animated Gifs full Screen

    Selfbuilt's animated beamshots are already great, but by clicking "F11", then holding down "Ctrl" while turning your mouse wheel you can enlarge those shots to nearly fullscreen size. Not only does this make beam comparisons easier, it also adds a surprising sense of "being there" to the...
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    Unable to contribute $

    When I try to contribute the old Paypal way I get: "invalid currency" When I try the new cc way I am not recognized. Any help is appreciated, Brightnorm
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    Carrying Powerful XM-L lights: Solving the Weight Problem

    When it comes to belt carry, weight becomes a real issue, and as Robocop says, even a few ounces can make a difference. Here are my measurements for some popular XM-L lights. I have belt-carried each of these lights for several days, many in modded Ripoffs holsters. In order of weight (with...
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    FENIX answer to Maelstrom/Lumintop TD15/Ray, etc?

    I am hopeful that we will eventually see a Fenix light in that category (1x18650 or 2xcr123 XP-GR5 small thrower). With Fenix's fabled runtime and regulation it could be a real winner. Brightnorm
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    FENIX TK15 - Links to 5 additional reviews (including non-CPF reviews)

    For submission in the Reviews forum if appropriate I found five TK15 reviews in addition to the main thread posted in the Reviews Forum. These have been useful in my decision to purchase the light. I have also searched for run time graphs but so far without success. If anyone has found run...
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    Don't let this happen to your Maelstrom!

    The lens fell out of my Maelstrom. Not through any fault of 4Sevens, but because of the extreme stupidity of an experienced Flashaholic, yours truly. I am posting this as a cautionary tale so that others wont make the same mistake. Several days before I received the Maelstrom I had...
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    QUARK TURBO XPG S2 Pleases, but QUARK 123x2 XPG Warm White disappoints Although the S2’s approximately 7% brightness increase over the R5 should be barely noticeable even in direct A-B comparisons, I was very pleasantly surprised when ceiling-bounce tests showed a small but noticeable increase in brightness...
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    LEO'S: How useful is strobe in the "real world"?

    I've heard everything from stunning to useless. Is it really better than a steady very bright light aimed directly at the subject's eyes? Is there any additional advantage, perhaps a moment of surprise, indecision, vulnerability? What about strobe rates that can supposedly trigger an epilectic...
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    Maelstrom falls 10 feet to concrete driveway

    This should be subtitled "Stupid Flashaholic forgets to use lanyard, drops new light". I was up on a ladder over a friend's concrete driveway, and somehow dropped the light from a height of 10-12 feet (not sure of my hand height at the moment of dropping.) I thought I had ruined the light...
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    Preon: Easy one-handed mod.

    I loved the light but hated the 2-hand operation so I wrapped a 1/2" wide strip of black skateboard tape around the head of my Preon 1, then smoothed it down enough to not abrade clothing, but still provide good finger-grippiness. Voila! A one-handed Preon. Brightnorm
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    D-MINI VX , a thrower no more, "Free Upgrade" Kills Throw

    In this photo see the D-Mini VX with D-65V, and DiMini VX with D-65V, TF (Teleforce head) The D-Mini VX (not to be confused with D-Mini VX-ULTRA) is (was) a long-throwing light using an XR-E R2. The Teleforce head (not to be confused...