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    Another new guy

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    Another new guy

    Hey all, I thought I was a member from long time ago, anyways, just a quick Hello and a little about myself. Im into offroading, shooting both photography (but no good lol) and guns, kind of been getting into lights a little with some cheaper higher power ones, even my rig (2007 toyota 4runner)...
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    Fenix PD35 "TAC" 2015 (XP-L V5, 1x18650 or 2xCR123A) Review

    Hello all, great review, I got this light and really like it. Bought it from ebay but didnt come with a battery so Im looking for an extra battery and wanted to know if a 5000mah battery would be ok? The one battery I did have is a Garberiel 18650 4000mah but looking on their site they now have...