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    Cr123a cutting out

    I am somewhat new to using primary lithium cells in incandescent flashlights. So I was wondering if anyone has seen this behaviour before. I have three of them in a mag light ML 25IT in a reducer and a 7.2 V 1.2 amp Bulb. They have been working very well up until this morning when I want to use...
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    Wack a palm flashlights

    I've seen these mention before in various places including the California cop light thread. But I've never come across one in real life and I'm curious about them. What was it that made them this way? Like what engineering shortfall required you to hit them to make them work? Any light that I've...
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    Do not purchase from Vapcell

    I didn't know where to put this. Cheers and jeers won't allow me to post there I guess you need to be a supporting member to warm people away? So hopefully this doesn't get closed I'm not trying to break rules. In Canada it's very difficult to find things like batteries. Due to HJKs tests (I in...
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    Streamlight stinger charger

    Hello everyone. Charging my ultrastinger on the slow charger, the 180ma one, the light is always warm. Is this normal? I've had an led polystinger for quite a long time but never had a cradle for it so I always used a smart charger outside of the light. So I'm new to cradle charging. I'm...
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    Streamlight ultrastinger

    An older light now but how are they? I've found two with one good battery, three cradles, and 7 extra LA for $50 I'm looking at buying. Seems very fair. What is the wattage of the bulb? I presume around 6V and 2A?
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    Favorite maglite size

    I'm curious your favorite size maglite/kel-lite ect. I like all of them but my favorite is 3C. I prefer the "C" cell lights, contrary to general popularity, as they're a much more comfortable hold. And not as important but I think they look better with the slimmer barrel compared to head. 3C is...
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    Lithium ion c cells

    I know the aw ones have been gone a long time and no one cares for this size light anymore. But I still love the "C" cell diameter lights. Is there anyone making a decent 25500? Currently I'm using 2x18500 in an adapter but it's wasting capacity space
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    3AA to D adaptor

    So.......make sure you look over your adapters when you receive them to make sure they are in a parallel configuration like you That 3 cell bulb was real bright for a split second!
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    Pr base bulb that's reliable with big imr cells

    I'm looking for a bulb I can put in my 3c mag that can reliably run on 2x imr 18650 or the 5ah 21700. I'm not really sure where to find bulbs anymore but I know that FiveMega has a super bulb sale thread I'll probably buy from there. I'm looking for around 2A draw. The plan is to use the 6 cell...
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    New site/links

    Good morning. I noticed this morning that the website has changed over to the new look. I'm not sure if I'm a fan but that is besides the point. I don't know about from a desktop, but with mobile, if you click on a link within this forum it will bring you to the homepage instead of the proper...
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    Pr base bulbs

    Looking for aftermarket bulbs. Good for 2x 18650. Maybe rop bulbs. I guess have from back in the hotwire days you don't use anymore. Preferably in Canada to save on the shipping Thanks
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    Maglite C/D head vs surefire millennium turbo head

    I'm not asking the differences in quality or output between these two. I am more of asking the difference between them when it comes to beam shaping and throw. I saw that fivemega did a adapter to put a mag light head on a surefire body. So if you had an equivalent bulb in adapters and proper...
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    Emitter vs OTF Lumens

    Does this still hold true? You multiply emitter output by 0.7 to get flashlight lumens? If so with 99% emissivity lenses and high quality reflectors, where is that extra 30% light going? Also I recently got a light which drives an sst-20 5k at 1.4A. Now looking at charts I figure that's about...
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    Streamlight polystinger charging issues

    I do not have a charging cradle for mine. I use a ~$1 3s nicd charging chip I bought on ebay. It works great. But the problem is is I need to remove the battery to charge it. Will not charge from the pins. Using a DMM, if I check to the either of the springs, I get continuity to both + and -...
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    Solarforce L1200

    I have a mint solarforce L1200 I'm looking to trade. It's in good shape. 1200 lumen xenon g4 bi pin bulb run by 3 protected 18650. It's running the factory lamp assembly but bulb can be replaced with something like an 1185 or FM 1909. The non-protected cells I'm using are a bit too short and I'm...
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    Coil image in beam

    I recently purchased a 5 cell maglite magnum star bulb. I guess they were still krypton but an upgrade on the whitestar. I popped it in a 3c mag with 2x18650s and even with a OP reflector there's a hole in the center of the beam. But worst is a huge image of a coil in the beam. I tried the bulb...
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    Favorite Incan and led light

    Since I started I'll go first. I will not include an EDC as it's not a favorite. I've never found a pocketable light to give the type of beam I like. For Incan: It has to be my 3C Mag with 2x18650 with homemade adapter, res mods, and 5c magnumstar bulb, op aluminum reflector, and ar coated glass...
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    Tads customs

    I haven't been around in a while so I may have missed it but has Tad's customs gone out of business? The website URL still seems to be correct but it's a Chinese site about politics now
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    4.30 volt 18650 charging

    I got a Dell laptop and pulled 6 lg 18650 2800mah cells from it. They are 4.30v cells. Unfortunately my chargers can charge 4.2 and 4.35v chemistries. To be clear are 4.3 and 4.35v cells the same. I haven't seen any 4.3v cells on hjks comparator and never heard of them. Just the 4.35v variety...
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    Streamlight stinger charging oddity

    Hello everyone. I acquired one of these lights but no charger. I've been removing the battery and charging it with my hobby charger. My question was charging it in the light and wondering if there's any electronic trickery built in. The voltage will quickly spike to over 5v yet it's a 3x sub-c...

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