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  1. Buck91

    recommendation for rear light

    Everyone here will have a different opinion by my choice is a flea on the helmet (steady) with a Blackburn Mars 3.0 strobing on my seatpost. Ive found cars exceptionally cognescent of my presence with this Combo. Sent from my Kindle Fire using Tapatalk 2
  2. Buck91

    Cateye Triple Shot Pro - electrics?

    Modded my old tripleshot with ssc p4 leds and upgraded reflectors a couple years back but never messed with batts or drivers. IIRC the driver is mounted to the battery pack, it is definately not in the head though. Sent from my Kindle Fire using Tapatalk 2
  3. Buck91

    flashlight mounts

    Been using twofish to hold my fenix on the helmet for years now with ZERO issues. Some helmets work better than others in this regard. I have a Giro Xen with the 90 degree twofish. As far as handlebar mounting goes, I'll let my buddies barrow an extra light for night riding and they...
  4. Buck91

    Mountain biking light?

    I run a Cateye Tripleshot (modded with SSC P4 U2 leds and khaoted reflectors) on the bars with a Fenix L1Tv2 (modded with Cree XPG R4 neutral) on the helmet. Not as light or as bright as some, but it works fanastic and really lights up the trail. Only draw back is weight, but thats OK for me...
  5. Buck91

    Modding the Flea?

    Battery is reading 0.04vdc on my DMM, and thats not a typo! I saw the ebay auction and will most likely go that route just for the satisfaction of fixing the lil guy, but I can pro purchase an entire unit for that price from BB. Oh well, I'll see if any of hte usuals can help like AW but I'm...
  6. Buck91

    Fenix TK15 as a bike light

    Been using the same L1Tv2.0 as a helmet light for years, although its been upgraded to the R5 recently. Anyhow, its seen plenty of drops onto pavement and been smacked into tons of branches while riding- sometimes almost bad enough to take either me or my helmet off! Never had an issue, though.
  7. Buck91

    Modding the Flea?

    Dang Brian, you must be psychic. Pried it open without much trouble (two little tabs on the top plus a small flathead screw driver make it rather easy) and sure as anything there is a wire disconnected from the charging ports. Now, I still expect the button cell to require replacing, but at...
  8. Buck91

    Fenix TK15 as a bike light

    Not to threadjack, but the best option I've found for bar-mounting a flashlight is the twofish block, which is hardly enough to stabilize a 1AA light during real single track riding. What would you use with this larger light?
  9. Buck91

    Modding the Flea?

    I have a Blackburn Flea tail light which has died on me. I suspect the battery was over discharged or the like. What I'm wondering is if anybody have been able top open one of these up without destroying it and if so, what was the trick? It appears to be a clamshell design glued or epoxied...
  10. Buck91

    Best Bicycle QR mount (not for flashlight)

    Blackburn uses a similar mount to that cygolite on their Voyager 4.0 and I've seen a lot of problems with it breaking. I second the Uzzi's suggestion for the Cat Eye mount. Been holding my Triple Shot securely for 2 years now, and its a fairly heavy headlamp.
  11. Buck91

    Commuters: What do you use?

    Well, I won't lie my night riding wardrobe isn't the greatest. No reflective on the pants or shirts/jackets, infact they are often rather dark colored. Helmet is dark colored as well (Giro Xen in that green camo pattern). In fact, the only clothing I wear with reflectiveness is my PI X-Alp...
  12. Buck91

    Commuters: What do you use?

    Been using the L1Tv2 mentioned in my intitial post ever since... Except its been moved to the top of the helmet and I couldn't be happier! Well, with the newer generation of lights out there I do have an itch for a brighter light with better tint but they just don't make 'em like the LxT...
  13. Buck91

    18650 Bike lights

    Helmet mount.
  14. Buck91

    Light mounting?

    L1Tv2 mounted to the helmet with twofish block for commuting (year round). When I hit the trails after dark I add in my modded Triple Shot on the 'bars. Seriously though have you thought about just mounting to the helmet? Twofish are fairly cheap and VERY effective for this. They would also...
  15. Buck91

    AAA light mounting?

    Well, for the past few years I've been using various AA sized lights for my commutes, which have worked great. The other night I ended up riding after dark without any of my usual kit on me, just my non-cycling EDC (ssc p4-modded fenix E1, testicles specticals wallet and watch...and ball cap)...
  16. Buck91

    lockblock 180 vs DX copy?

    Well, my KD order came through today with the 180 degree twofish copies. Although I haven't mounted or used them yet, initial impression is that they are ok, and should work fine on the helmet. The compound feels notably stiffer and less tacky than my twofish 90 degree blocks, though, so I'd...
  17. Buck91

    Driver recommendation?

    It's basically a reverse clickly, so if I left it "on" it would act as a momentary :) The bflex won't fit the stock driver housing though, so I'm having second thoughts...
  18. Buck91

    Welcome to the world of commuting

    I've heard good things about that cateye tail light, would love to see it side-by-side with my BB Mars 3.0 at night, since the mars has worked so well.
  19. Buck91

    inexpensive AAA white flashing?

    I have a Trek brand Ion 3 that I leave mounted on my handlebars for my fair-weather commuter. Works fine as a "be seen" light, but definately not whizz-bang bright.
  20. Buck91

    Which AA/AAA Flashlight?

    Absolutely love my L1T v2.0 for commuting. Plenty of light to see with, and be seen. Nice and compact, works great on the bar with a twofish, or on the helmet!