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  1. Str8stroke

    My 47 Malelstorm stopped a Mugging! Unbelievable event last night.

    First, this is not a April Fools joke either. Last night around 9:30 pm I went outside to check on a battery charger I put on my truck. Prior to going outside, I grabbed the Malestorm MMU-X3R that I had just cleaned and put fresh Nyogel on the tail cap threads & put a fresh King Kong in. The...
  2. Str8stroke

    Photos of OR Triples, The BOSS is here Post away!

    I figured we would get the new year kicked off, albeit a few hours early, with some OR Triple goodness. With the BOSS release it is time to pay homage to it by posting photos of it and all the OR Triples out there. I can't find my WASP pics, so someone please post a few for me! lol EDIT...
  3. Str8stroke

    Merry X-mas & Happy Holidays 2016

    I just wanted to tell all the wonderful folks of CPF Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas. Hopefully joy and Bright Light fills your heart this season. Love all y'all! ;)
  4. Str8stroke

    Photobucket fails to upload on my iPhone, ideas??

    Hey y'all. I am about at my wits end. Two days ago my Photobucket stopped letting me upload photos. Storage is not full. I have rebooted phone I have uninstalled app and reinstalled I have tried dozens of different size pics, including pics I have already uploaded. Please some of you iPhone...
  5. Str8stroke

    Peak Eiger QTC & Light Discussion 2016

    Peak Eiger QTC Discussion thread: Eiger related posts only please! Feel free to post any information, experiences or questions related to THIS light. I will be awarding additional cool points if you post a photo! I want to help compile useful informative posts and have legitimate questions...
  6. Str8stroke

    SUREFIRE Phone Cases! WTH?

    So I just got a email saying Surefire is going to be offering Phone cases. Looks like it is for the Iphones and Samsung S5. $29.95 MSRP Mounting rails? I guess we can look forward to a Surefire HellPhoto Selfie Stick?? Seriously, No light?? Even NEBO has a case with a light!! I am seeing...
  7. Str8stroke

    SureFire Sidekick vs Titan vs Titan Plus PHOTOS Photo Heavy.

    Pictures of Sidekick - Titan AAA - Titan Plus This is to help those choose between the three. Feel free to post your pictures of any of the three. Also, any pictures of size comparisons are welcome. I may add a short review of each light. Please, no flaming products based on your preferences...
  8. Str8stroke

    CLIP HACK - WASP Shorty ZEROREZ Moddoolar CLIP!

    Some down and dirty pics of my WASP clip hack on a ZeroRez Shorty. The OR, super awesome, Triad Belt & Pocket clips don't work for me. It will rub the head when you twist. It also protrudes too far for me. So, I have been trying to figure out a low profile clip that does no rubbing or damage to...
  9. Str8stroke

    Sold/Expired WTB VINTAGE Surefire E2E or E1E series body with NO CLIP

    I already have a Tear Drop E series head with the clip mounted on it. I have had it on a Vital Gear body and would like have a period correct Surefire body. I prefer Dark Grey, but would settle on black. So to be clear it has to be a old body with NO clip mount. I would prefer a E1 series, but...
  10. Str8stroke

    RIP Lighthound.

    Found this today. :( LIGHTHOUND IS CLOSED We would like to thank you for allowing us to serve you all these wonderful years. Please note that all orders placed have shipped.
  11. Str8stroke

    Review UPDATED: SureFire Titan AAA Black 15/125 Lumen Warning: Pic Heavy

    The SureFire Titan AAA Mini Review Dual Output 15/125 Lumen Well after a long wait time, almost 36 years, SureFire finally decided to delve into the AAA flashlight market segment. Interestingly they decided to carry the Titan name over to a completely redesigned light. So punch play on...
  12. Str8stroke

    BeamPro Microlenses New product??

    Found this on Gizmodo today. Interesting read. Seems like they are a blend of lenses. Figured I would share.
  13. Str8stroke

    Net Neutrality?? Someone pls Explain

    With out getting into the political stuff, could someone please explain to me what this new FCC Net Neutrality thing means? I am just a normal user like a average person. I keep hearing different stories. One group says now I am going to love the internet, the next group says that its going to...
  14. Str8stroke

    No Joke> Nuclear Powered Batteries in the future???

    I was binging around and found this from a link. Thought provoking to say the least. Hope they have a few CR123 sized ones planned? Can you imagine buying the Ultra Fire versions of this!! :shakehead This Nuclear-Powered Battery is Water-Based Published: Sep 19, 2014 • References...
  15. Str8stroke

    New for the Bayou

    Greetings from Louisiana. Been reading the forum for a few months now. I figured I have learned enough to possibly post and comment. It also seems like a great place to spend some down time with. I probably own 30 different over the counter stock lights and have been collecting for about 2...