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    Cheers to KillZone Flashlights!

    Cheers to KillZone Flashlights! I never heard of them, on-line search shows that they are the only ones that have the next big super flooder that I want in stock, no one else has gotten the item in stock. The item was announced weeks ago, it is possible that supply is limited to small...
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    Chip shortage causing car shortage. Same with flashlights?

    Car manufacturers state that new car production is low, due to chip shortage. Is the same thing happening with new flashlight production?
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    Updated CPF; How to renew my supporter subscription?

    Updated CPF; How to renew my supporter subscription? I think that my supporter subscription is expiring soon. How to find out?
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    What is your definition of a Practical light?

    One that fits on my keychain. S2 Baton. And many, many others. Another one that fits in my pocket. Emisar D4V2. And many, many others. Another one that fits on my belt holster. Acebeam X45/X50 and Imalent MS06 and Thruinite TN42 and many, many others. Another one that fits on my shoulder...
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    Acebeam X50 I like this configuration.
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    Multiple SBT90.2 and Acebeam?

    I have the Acebeam K75 single SBT90.2 And two (2x) X65. and K70. and EC50. Will there be a large and/or very large Acebeam multiple SBT90.2 flashlight? I have been waiting for something similar to X65, but upgraded to 5 x SBT90.2 instead of 5 x XHP35. Other manufacturers have released large/very...
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    Imalent and SBT90.2?

    Any plans for Imalent SBT90.2? I have one very large single SBT90.2, and one small single SBT90.2, and one very large 4 x SBT90.2 flashlight, and I have two (2) medium-large 3 x SBT90.2 lights on order. None from Imalent. Are there any plans for large and/or very large multiple SBT90.2 Imalent...
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    No Attachments window in Freemes' Deals subforum, when I add reply > go advanced.

    Re: I do not see a Manage Attachments window when I add reply > go advanced; in any thread in that section of this forum.
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    Lumintop GT94 4*SBT90.2 1.65Mcd Search Light, with attached pics. :)

    The Manage Attachments function window is not available in The CPF Mall > CPF Vendors > freeme's Deals > Lumintop GT94 4*SBT90.2 1.65Mcd Search Light - Preorder topic thread when I go advanced reply, so I am forced to attach my pics somewhere else, which is gonna be here. :) I just got my GT94...
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    First impressions: Astrolux MF05, single SBT90.2, 8 x 18650, 3,162 meters.

    First impressions: Astrolux MF05, single SBT90.2, 8 x 18650, 3,162 meters. It came from freeme group buy via Banggood to my door today. First thing: Here, it is seven more hours until the dawn of the flashlight day, so I will edit this post or tack on later with my impressions about the beam...
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    Question: Commercial Corner > Manufacturers > Imalent > Banned?

    Question: Imalent section in Commercial Corner > Manufacturers. Imalent section is on line and functional, but its main protagonist is Banned? Some new lights are too exciting for each new post to go in the already pre-existing topic thread, but of course they should go in the proper...
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    Suggest a light for first foray into maximum durabillity/reliability class of lights.

    Last night, when I was supposed to be sleeping, I was wide awake thinking that I do not have anything in the Fraz-HDS-LRI-Malkoff-McGizmo-Muyshondt-Okluma-Oveready-Peak-Pelicans-Prometheus-TexasLumens-TNC and Surefire and Zebralight class of flashlights yet, and that I would have to continue...
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    Anduril UI, ultra newb, your first time, starting with the bare bones basics.

    Hi guys, I like to not start new topic threads, but the spirit compels me to open one here and now, about as titled. First, there are 510,204.08 Anduril user guide topics on the internet, written by leading luminaries in the Flashlight World. Next, I have read them, studied them, fully self...
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    NightWatch: Anyone here ever hear of them?

    NightWatch: Anyone here ever hear of them? Someone linked me to what I am looking for: A single 21700 cell with three major caliber reflectored emitters, about 7,000 lumens. NightWatch, whom I never heard of, has their NSX3 > NS53 with three reflectored XHP 50.2 emitters, about 6,500 lumens...
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    How many brands of LED flashlights are there?

    How many brands of LED flashlights are there? Approximately? How many new brands of LED flashlights are created every day? I just checked the GG website, and there, I learned (for the first time in three days) something new: There is a new brand of flashlights that I never heard of! Since...
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    Physicists create new form of light "Try a quick experiment: Take two flashlights into a dark room and shine them so that their light beams cross. ... ..."
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    Is that Adrenalin Street, Avenue, Lane or Drive?

    Go for a walk in a nice single family residential neighborhood to relax, or to get a cheap adrenalin rush? It can't be both, because they are mutually exclusive. Or to have plenty of my neighbors waiting in line to lecture me that if I thought about it first, I would realize that I should not...
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    Acebeam K65, in the works...

    ...for November? In the German forum, @Moonraker informs us of the Acebeam K65. Basically, the K60 upgraded to XHP70.2 from XHP70. Quote: "6500 Lumen 1000 m throw XHP70.2 LED kein Akku Pack November verfügbar"
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    Acebeam X70, in the works for early November?

    Acebeam X70, coming in about a month from now, size is similar to the X65, 8 x XHP 70.2, topic thread in the German forum is currently 40 posts, so maybe not too soon to mention this interesting not-too-distant future massive power flooder here. :)
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    Imalent DX80, in the works.

    Imalent DX80, in the works, a preliminary teaser has been posted on Imalent Facebook. Preliminary conjectural discussion topic thread happening on another forum. It looks like eight XHP70(.2?), more than 30,000 lumens, eight 18650, very beastly. The next lumen power/flood/ceiling bounce king?