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    Stacking drivers?

    Do we wire the as series or parallel? And does stacking drivers allow us to boost the amperage without modifying the driver? I like my AMC drivers because of the small diameter and output. Any picture or tutorial will help.
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    Wavien making deft-x? I just ran across this and found it to be funny that although it's out of stock, they have it in their list of products. I thought they made it themselves at first. They should have put the flashlight under their testimony to show what their patent was...
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    *new* Olight M2X-UT Javelot: 800+ meters throw on 1x18650!

    is it me or did they stripped the emitter from the pcb and placed it directly on a heatsink? i dont see the polarities anymore
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    Better Business Bureau

    For the record, Mac is a hard working man. Here's a little history of his work through my experience. When he first started, I wanted in on his work of art but had to wait 1 year until I got in between the second batch through private messages as the list already filled one day after he put up...
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    Surefire Vampire/Kroma Tailcap rattle and free play. Is it NORMAL?

    If it bothers you, give SF a call. They have an unquestionable customer service.
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    Solarforce L2P 2011 XP-G2 2900k High CRI 90+ Custom Drop-in Module

    Tobrien, most tints lose their CCT after being pushed beyond 2a. They all start to lean towards the hotter temperature based on the gradient temperature charts. That's why at 2.8a, the Mac's will more than likely have a CCT close to 5000k instead of the original 4500K. Cree's 90+ CRI have a...
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    Headlamp for Cycling

    Armytek looks very convincing. I'm really digging the 7D4 tint the Wizard has. Mcnair, I'm not going to do cycling shops because they're over-priced and over-rated lumen readings. I brought my modified D25LC2 and it took their breath away considering the size and OTF lumen. I'd much rather...
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    Headlamp for Cycling

    I'm looking for a headlamp to cycle with in the night. I have the ST460NW but that thing adds the peripheral view distractions--not to mention, the over-extended reflector housing moves the light down as I continue to ride. My aim: A lightweight headlamp utilizing 1x18650 cell with a triple...
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    Does weight matters?

    Does that matters when making your light selection in regards to size to weight ratio? To me, I prefer a more heavier feel on the bezel to balance the handling and use of a pocket rocket. It just feels sturdy and confident on my hand.
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    Solarforce L2P 2011 XP-G2 2900k High CRI 90+ Custom Drop-in Module

    The light gets very hot after 5 minutes on high to the point where your hands will sizzle if touching the light. Sorry for the late reply but I gave it away after pushing it to 4.5 amps. The light went to a better owner who appreciates attention to detail and custom work.
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    dual stage twisty mechanics?

    A little confused about how the twist to change to turbo mode works. I recently purchased a tk11 at the Swamp meet for $15usd. I was looking through it and figured I can change the LED and switch. The only thing I couldn't figure out was the driver and how they work when fully tighten. I'd...
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    Blackhawk Gladius Upgrade XML-L CREE T6

    looks just like a standard p60 host. how does the pill stay in place? With a screw-on or is it pressed on? I haven't come on much anymore, let alone, do any custom works to modify lights. Interesting host you've got there. Two question comes to mind about that mod though. Is the reflector...
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    Solarforce L2 parts and such...

    How about a McClicky switch? They don't cost as much and can easily be bought from overready as a complete conversion kit.
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    Paul Kim's New tactical Pen

    Thanks for the info. Both this pen and Jason's pen look convincing. I like the slim and usability of Jason's pen. Then again, I'm a huge fan of PK's work.
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    Paul Kim's New tactical Pen

    What kind of cartridge does the pen accepts? I'm a fan of Mont Blanc's cartridges.
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    How are these drivers different from each other?

    Re: How are these Ndrivers different from each other? The Q-lite has a star setting where you can get a moon-light mode then L-M-H. It took out the L-H-S that was in the original model.
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    Surefire U2 Ultra XP-G2 mod

    Curious as to whether I can mill the risers off and use an XM-L2 or MT-G2 in there. Is there a thin layer of fiberglass that is under the black coat that directs the polarities?
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    spark st460nw

    You don't change the entire unit. Just de-solder the wires to the PCB and re-install a copper one with an new emitter. The unit is easy to access.
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    XP-G2 Triple Optics @ 20mm?

    Does it produces the infamous square beam pattern and spill that carclo does? I also noticed another 20mm triple. I'll get both as trial and error.
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    XP-G2 Triple Optics @ 20mm?

    I recalled that there was a different optic Carclo made that could accommodate the viewing angle the XP-G2. Does anyone remember the reference number that produced a perfect beam for the XP-G2? I don't feel like plain narrow that produced that famous square pattern.