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  1. dotCPF

    Sold/Expired WTT: New M61 w/ SST-20 5700K for old-gen M61 cool white w/ XP-G2 6200K

    [Pending!] Hello CPF! I have a new M61 dropin, "cool white" (though much more neutral at around 5700K) and I would like to exchange it for an M61 with the now older XP-G2 6200K Cool White LED. This dropin is new and unused, just unwrapped to check LED. I don't mind a well used M61 in trade, so...
  2. dotCPF

    Malkoff Devices RED, AMBER, or GREEN M61 LL Dropin Group Buy!

    $ PMs sent!! Malkoff Devices RED M61 Dropin Group Buy! PHASE 2- PAYMENT PMS ARE ALL SENT. PAYMENTS DUE BY JULY 30 2021 BY 2359 HOURS. LEDs on their way to Gene! (07/21/21) PHASE 2- waiting for LEDs. Payment PMs to come by weeks-end. (Payment deadline will update accordingly to suit present...
  3. dotCPF

    Sold/Expired WTB: Surefire extenders A19/A21 bored or not & Oveready extenders

    Howdy CPF! I am looking for any of the following extenders: Surefire A19 (18mm bored or stock) Surefire A21 (18mm bored or stock) Oveready 1x 18350 extender Oveready 1x 18650 extender I will work with any condition, please and thank you for your time!
  4. dotCPF

    [COMPLETED] Malkoff M61N LLLL SST-20 95 CRI Group Buy, round 2!

    Phase 4- Dropins here, packing today! (09/30/2020) Phase 3.8- Dropins ready! Gene has all our money! (09/22/2020) Phase 3. All paid. Order placed with Gene. This is a Group Buy for an M61N LLLL dropin. That's FOUR (4) Ls everyone. Say it with me: low low low low There is a minimum order...
  5. dotCPF

    Malkoff M61N LLLL

    please delete oops
  6. dotCPF

    MIA Thread? I think Kestrel threw this up last night, I was very into the idea, but it seems to have gone from this world. Is it just being moved perhaps? Not sure where it was...
  7. dotCPF

    The Official Malkoff M91B N 5000K XP-L v2 Group Buy! ALL SHIPPED

    Phase 4 Dropins Shipped, Tracking numbers sent! (7/4/20) Phase 3.875- dropins are finished, I should have them by the weekend. (6/23/20) Phase 3. LEDs are here! Payment PMs have been sent to EVERYONE. LEDs ship to Gene tomorrow, Tuesday June 2nd 2020. If you do not have a Payment PM, please...
  8. dotCPF

    The Official Malkoff M61N NEUTRAL L-L-L-L Group Buy!

    GB is COMPLETE! Thank you very much everyone who took part. I am thrilled with the outcome and look forwards to the next one! Final package shipped. 5/4/20. I have the dropins as of Monday 4/27. Shipping Payment PMs have been sent. If you did not receive one please PM me ASAP. Most...
  9. dotCPF

    The Malkoff Potential Group Buy Sounding Board

    Hello everyone, thought this was a good idea. The Front Porch is getting a bit convoluted with all our group buy requests. (Group Buys, so hot right now.) Let's keep all talk of Potential Group Buys for Malkoff Devices product in this thread. This is not an official sign-up thread! Potential...
  10. dotCPF

    Little CPF "user level" tag origin/ ranking?

    Hello! Not sure if this is the spot for it, but I am just curious. We all see those tags like "unenlightened/ enlightened/ flashaholic*" under peoples user names- makes me wonder if there is a post count of something that triggers a "level up"? "Unenlightened" seems to be for the first few...
  11. dotCPF

    The Official Malkoff M61W L-L-L-L 90CRI Group Buy!

    Group buy is COMPLETE! Thank you everyone for being apart of making the W M61 LLLL happen! All Dropins have shipped! Most should be arriving between now and Saturday CONUS. edit 4/9/20 Most of the Dropins have been shipped, all tracking numbers currently sent for users who paid shipping...
  12. dotCPF

    Malkoff Devices Weapon and Duty Illumination

    Hey Junkies! I have been thinking around this subject for a while and since I see INFRNL has had similar thoughts, I'm going to get this ball rolling! Malkoff is my go-to trusted brand and if I had to bank my life on lights I own it would be Malkoff Devices- perhaps with a guest appearance by...
  13. dotCPF

    Sold/Expired WTB: Surefire Winelight E1 or E2. 18mm bored C2 or Z2. Malkoff V1/V2 HCRI dropins

    WTB: M91bN run #1 | 18mm bored SF stuff | Malkoff V1/V2 HCRI dropins Hello CPF! A few of my wants: 1. Original Group Buy M91BN- the one GS did. 2. 18mm Bored Surefire anything. 3. Malkoff M61 HCRI v1 or v2 dropins. Any output versions, normal, L, LL, LLL..... 4. Surefire Winelights...
  14. dotCPF

    Surefire Oveready modded 6P/ 9P/ C2 Glass lens replacement

    Hello CPF! I have a few Oveready modded Surefires, namely a bored C2 and a bored 9P that both came with frosted lenses. I bought clear lenses from Vinh, but they seem far too thin to fit in place of the frosted lens. SO, in looking for a replacement, the only source I can find on line is VIA...
  15. dotCPF

    Malkoff Junkies, and sales-related topics

    Hello Admins and Moderators, I hope this is the appropriate spot for such a post. I was going to reply in the Junkies thread but it felt too meta, and I'm not sure if the lack of reply to me was deliberate to keep discussion on flashlights or not. Regarding a point Kestrel made about "sales...
  16. dotCPF

    Sold/Expired WTB Yellow Surefire G2 Nitrolon (Host)

    WTB ~all set for now!~ EDIT: FOUND FOR NOW! Not sure on etiquette for satisfied WTB threads, I'll leave it for posterity and transaction history? I'll be looking for some more things soon and will re-use this thread. Mods feel free to do whatever to make this best for forum. Thanks to Dirty...
  17. dotCPF

    Cheers to Vinh Nguyen and the Sky Lumen family!

    I wanted to take a brief moment to appreciate a truly stellar member of the Flashaholic community, the great Vinh! I am not an easy customer, or perhaps, I'm very picky and particular. Vinh has repeatedly gone above and beyond to cater to my personal wants and needs. Vinh fast found my...
  18. dotCPF

    CHEERS TO LUTER/ Lumeray!

    I should have posted this much sooner, still making my way around these forums. BIG CHEERS TO LUTER!!! I purchased the Lumeray Angle M light from him and it arrived in I think a week flat, from the UK to the US, very impressive. He was also very responsive and answered my question when the clip...
  19. dotCPF

    Hello from Massachusetts!

    Long time lurker. Only recently started posting here. I've recently started to appreciate more the old-style of forums like CPF, BLF, NASOIC, NES, and MarlinOwners. (those will mean some things to some of you I'm sure!:D) I'm a commercial photographer by day, and by night it varies but I always...