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  1. Str8stroke

    TnC Micro Lux Dragon Good for EDC? (vs McGizmo and/or Mushondt)

    Bob is the real deal & I have several TnC lights. You can't go wrong with him or his products. They are impressive performers & built quality is exceptional. Having mentioned that, read below. Caution: Just know what you are getting into & get quality cells & a good charger! If your gonna EDC...
  2. Str8stroke

    "Grandparent" flashlight

    A few years back I "Relighted" my parents (whom are in upper 80's & Grand Parents many times over). After my moms & dads strokes (6 mos apart!), they could no longer easily hold & press the button on the Surefire E2E with single mode LED Drop in I had set up for them. So, I brought several...
  3. Str8stroke

    Most Anti-Flashaholic thing I've ever seen.

    Great, now I am watching abandon mine videos all day. lol I would have gone with probably 5 or 6 lights and tons of spare cells. And chalk to mark my way back out.
  4. Str8stroke

    Your flashlight collection.....

    This thread had me thinking: At work everyone knows I collect lights. Sometimes a square will come say they collect them too. I ask how many own and it is typically 5 or 6 big box store lights. Streamlight & Mags seem to be the popular brand. So a "collection" of lights is very subjective...
  5. Str8stroke

    Can't get batteries out

    Second that! "If they are alkaline batteries, they have likely expanded and leaked. I would shoot a screw into the negative terminal of the battery and pull it out with pliers. Have no fear. That dead alkaline battery will lie down and take it like a punk. You may have to repeat for the second...
  6. Str8stroke

    Your flashlight collection.....

    Welcome to CPF Mr. Flashlight. I think you start to have a collection when you buy flashlights for no real use. You think it's "cool" or looks fun or out of curiosity. EX: I have a Mini Mag in black, why not try to buy every color ever made cause that would be cool to look at on a shelf or show...
  7. Str8stroke

    What is the best LED flashlight for your $

    I will attempt to answer it with a modified question: "What is Str8stroke's most used light": It's a HDS Rotary, flush button.
  8. Str8stroke

    11 tons of water to put out tesla fire!

    Somehow I remember reading that water was all they had available. Now, that could have been in the comment section of the story. If I remember a fire chief was noting that a large percentage of small/volunteer Fire Departments are not equipped to handle chemical fires of that kind. I don't know...
  9. Str8stroke

    Sorry beginners question P60 drop ins

    I know we have strayed off the OP's original question. I hope it was answered to his/her satisfaction. If not pls chime in. Also, this thread has me digging out my P60 gear and trying to remember who built some of the ones I have. :cool: What about Nailbender, is he still doing drop ins?? I...
  10. Str8stroke

    Sold/Expired **FS:McGizmo 27L-PD PROTO**PRICE DROP**

    Re: **FS:McGizmo 27L-PD PROTO** How cool is that......a Sale listing with a history lesson built in! Amazingly rare light there! GLWS!!! Bump Bump Bump
  11. Str8stroke

    Sorry beginners question P60 drop ins

    The voltage and battery options out there can very perplexing. Has your 6P been bored out to fit 18650's? If not, One 16650 cell MAY work. I have a few Solarforce drop ins with the same voltage specs as yours. One will work with only one cell (4.2) volts and the other wont. My take on Solarforce...
  12. Str8stroke

    How many people still use light sticks

    I use them all the time for camping lights & especially Halloween. We get them by the dozens from the Dollar store or 5 Below. They are not MilSpec, but the kids don't care! They work great in a tent or camper. I also clip one to the dogs collar or use those necklace ones for her. She looks...
  13. Str8stroke

    I avoid four sevens, I have tried no less than 6 times to talk to someone about purc

    FWIW: I have chatted with Jason via his IG posts a few times and he doesn't know it's ole Str8stroke from CPF (not that anyone would care lol). I am pretty sure he reads every IG post you make with any of his Companies or products tagged. Dude is amazingly accessible.
  14. Str8stroke

    NEED INPUT on future CPF deals and discounts - Chime in!

    IMHO: It's hard to get jazzed up with a free shipping threshold set at $125. $50 seems to be more enticing to me. I did some brainstorming just now and how about this Promo: Use coupon: CPF50 at Check out to get 50% off your Next Order & Free Shipping! :D Seriously, I have done business...
  15. Str8stroke

    Tactical flashlight on aeroplane

    To save you searching and looking for my comment from years ago: a long time ago I gifted my Cousin, who is a flight attendant, a Surefire E2D (200 lumen) and a SOG Dark Energy single CR123 light. He carries them both with him and has for years. Never had a issue. In fact, he has had several...
  16. Str8stroke

    Question about the '19 CX-5 Signature's lights.

    Is the question, Do they work? Yes, very well IMHO. Curious, what package did you buy? Sport, Touring, GT, GTR or Signature?
  17. Str8stroke

    Fraz Labs Mechanical Flashlights (formerly QTC Non-Battery Crush)

    Any one of these lights fall under my personal "Must Own" classification system. Gonna have PM Fraz now! :thumbsup:
  18. Str8stroke

    thumb drive?

    Best to save a copy "offsite". Send one to me for safe storage. :D Seriously, I have two drives with most of my info. Pictures that can't be replaced (before the clouds) are backed up on 3 SSD's. All in wrapped in a bunch of Aluminum foil in waterproof Pelican cases, in fire resistant Cash...
  19. Str8stroke

    same battery code, different lengths?

    I would use heavy caution buying any "protected" Panasonic cells. I have seen way too many fakes out there. As idle points out, they never made them. Who's to say the Third Party is using genuine Panasonic cells to create these?? They likely are not. FWIW: Those green NCR shrink wrappers can be...
  20. Str8stroke

    Surefire F05 (Red filter) vs HDS Red and Hyper Red

    Yeah, good questions. My Personal eyes say, they are vastly different. I would gladly take you some beam shots, but I am doubtful I could find my SF Filter. I can look tonight. Anyways, I have two Hyper Reds. Once I got them, I took off my filter and lord knows where it went. The Hyper Red to me...