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  1. dc38

    WTB: Elzetta ZFL-M60, preferably with a single mode tailcap

    Hi all, I'm looking for an older version Elzetta Bravo model, one that still takes Malkoff p60 drop ins. Would like it to have a crenellated bezel if possible, with a single mode standard tailcap. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!
  2. dc38

    General forum question

    Was/is every idea released to CPF an IP of Candle Power Fora LLC?
  3. dc38

    Drop in smaller than d26/p60?

    It is a p60 styled host, but slightly smaller than a p60. Will try to post pics when I get looks to be about 20-22 mm in diameter. Help is greatly appreciated!
  4. dc38


    Hi all. Gotta thin the herd, too much sitting around not getting used. ALL PRICES SHIPPED CONUS, SIGNATURE INCLUDED, INSURANCE OPTIONAL. BUYER ASSUMES RESPONSIBILITIES FOR ITEM(S) AFTER PURCHASE. 4. $75 Fenix TK41. Light only, no accessories. Has been sitting in a pelican case, waiting for use...
  5. dc38

    Sold/Expired SOLD HDS rotary 250; 210 shipped CONUS PAYPAL

    Hi all, Want to sell a used good condition HDS rotary 250. It is an awesome light and Im not sure if ill ever be able to grab another one again...but meh...includes a 16340 AW cell. Asking $210 shipped priority with insurance and tracking. Earliest shipping is Saturday, or Monday. Conus...
  6. dc38

    Recommend me a black and goldaccented knife to add to my edc...

    So...i recently started customizing a black 6p I got...then Im now trying to build a color themed edc around it. So far i have a black and rosegold casio gshock, pilot falcon pen, and the 6p. I was thinking a black and gold leverletto to give it a slightly classier feel...
  7. dc38

    Sold/Expired SOLD!! WTS: Deft-x 925kcd. $650 shipped CONUS ONLY.

    Hi all, A hardly used Deft-x from Saabluster rated at 925kcd. I am the second owner, and have (unfortunately) only been able to put a few minutes of runtime through it. It is basically a shelf queen. Times are tough, rent needs to be paid somehow lol. Also, comes with three batteries. $650...
  8. dc38

    Sold/Expired Wtb hds edc flush rotary.

    Like title says...please!
  9. dc38

    Sold/Expired Wts: photon cannons, pocket rockets, lux and lumen hoses. Paypal an CONUS only please

    Hi all, Bunch of lights for sale, detailed below. Priority shipping included in prices, insurance and other such services at buyer's cost and request. Lights are sold as is, used lightly unless otherwise stated. Paypal and CONUS only please. (Pictures available in email if requested) 1) $50...
  10. dc38

    Surefire conditions upon arrival?

    Hey guys, So I went ahead and purchased my first ever surefire from the corporate site. I got it from their clearance specials, the e2l-aa old version at 100$ shipped. After waiting a week for the light, i excitedly unboxed it only to find that the light looked well used...the body tube had...
  11. dc38

    "mod" Preon P..P3vn??? 2xaaa thrower :D

    Hey guys! Dunno if it's been done, but the threads on an Led Lenser P3 happen to align with a Preon 1 and Preon 2. Stick a single layer of aluminum foil inside with 2aaa scotch taped in series, and you've got a veritable 2aaa thrower! not too pretty, but some orings might fix that. See below...
  12. dc38

    Designing an LED headlamp

    I'm still working on a road legal LED headlight assembly. I'm very close to accomplishing a beam that lights up the road without blinding fellow motorists etc. Proper dispersion angles, proper viewing angles/brightness, proper power regulation, proper color rendition, general beam profiles...
  13. dc38

    Cryptic poems and poetic ramblings etc. General ponderings.

    Chauncey Gardiner started a thread a WHILE back known as "Words to live by". With all this living by going on, I have decided to start this thread with the spirit of making observations or complaining about life. HOWEVER, it should done in such a way that leads people to ponder the mystery of...
  14. dc38

    Conceptualizing budget thrower with minimally invasive modifications

    So...Title says it all. I am playing with a few zoomies that I have, and have decided to modify a reflector into a 'light-reflecting-surface-brightness-amplification-collar'. I will be using smaller sized lights and PVC tubing as spacers. The lights will be locked into 'permanent throw' mode and...
  15. dc38

    Laws and punishment vs. order and chaos. A randomly philosophical thread?

    In a sensible world, there would be laws for everything, and all the laws would be sensible and be followed all the time, thus removing the need for laws. In this world we live in, we do NOT have laws for everything, people do NOT always follow the laws, and laws are often nonsensical. Based...
  16. dc38

    Flashlight etiquette: corn maze

    Accidentally blinded some sheep at a maze today. Anyways, wanted to know, which one of you had the TM15 on your head tonight? :wave: What kinds of lights should be used? Brightness, etc...I had my newly acquired TM11, and was putting it through its paces. In such a confined area, anything above...
  17. dc38

    What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? The troll logic.

    Hey all, I'm still up, and have had too much caffeine today to go to sleep like a normal person. Thus, i have had plenty of time to think about this and write it up. so....what happens when: "unstoppable force...meets immovable object" - That kind of statement only baffles us when applying...
  18. dc38

    Hey CPF! Brightness reactive adjustment on a flashlight?

    Hi guys, it's me again. Has anybody seen any brightness sensitive flashlights/flood lighting? It would operate similar to ambient light sensors on computers and such, except the brightness would be automatically regulated by the ambient light(and maybe an infrared rangefinder). This operation...
  19. dc38

    Hey guys!Found a flashlight in the vid... I see a solarforce gladiator!!! lol

    Hey CPF, just some randomness in my boring Friday. I was on youtube and found this video of a bank robbery Skip to around 50 seconds in and tell me that's not a Solarforce Gladiator lol. She even turns it on for whatever reason.
  20. dc38

    Lenser T7 upgrade with XML T5/T6?

    Hello CPFers, I've been thinking of different things to do with my lenser, and need some help. I don't know what kind of emitter to stick in, and what to do to make it fit correctly under the lens. Basically, I want my Lenser to be able to focus the raw power coming out a an XML into a "TIR"...