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    Nitecore TIP2 has Landed!

    I have not seen one of these here yet? In a moment of weakness the other day I ordered one directly from Nitecore and BAM! So I have had it out of the box just long enough for Pics and brief quiet time and here are my first impressions. -Magnets are actually INSANE! I don't think I need to...
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    Ney Manker,Can I get your lights in the USA and from the USA>

    I have been trying to find anywhere in the USA that actually has Manker in stock? What is the deal exactly?
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    4/7 MiniMkII Ti went Crazy?

    Well my Ti Mini MKII seems to have lost the Driver I imagine? It only turns on in High or Turbo it seems and will not switch modes or really anything but burn like fire in my hand. I have another one but in Black and the head from that one is fine on the Ti body and the black ones Body makes no...
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    26650 Rugged Carry Case

    I have been looking for a decent way to carry spares for my D4S and came across these and they are about perfect! Just like the one on the right which is perfect for 18650 or 2-123 batteries this bugger Match case seems ideal for the 26650! They have to be watertight by design I figure and you...
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    Sold/Expired Oveready Tri-Copper E Series-Withdrawn

    I have this TriCopper for sale!!!wts-Oveready-E2E-Triple-Copper-cool-tint-365-Conus-2-only&highlight=copper I need to move it and will be selling the light by itself to some lucky new owner to whom I will advise,"Do not look...
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    Ever seen a Red Surefire E2?

    I have a local guy selling a Surefire E2 that is Red,the body is red. Ever seen one of these,it is not a new or commemorative model it is just anodized Red. He did mention getting it a while back on eBay and I wonder if it is real? Just trying to know before I take a look at it. Thanks Ed
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    My Light Tried To Burn Me Down!

    The other day while standing in the hallway in a Hospital all day when I notice a bright light coming from the coat! I look inside where I keep my Zebra SC80 clipped in the inside pocket of my Carhartt jacket and the light is not only on but the thing is almost too hot to touch!!!!:ooo: Somehow...
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    D25C Clicky Flickers in one setting?

    I just received an Eagletac D25C Clicky and it seems to have an issue that a search could not find any previous occurrence of? If I am in the Group 1 high output mode then the lowest output in that mode flickers pretty much all the time. It is very annoying and pretty much unusable like this...

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