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  1. Buck91

    SF M3 (D36) LED tower vs P60 LED drop-in?

    I'm also looking at some D36 options. Can you tell me more about this Z46 lens/gasket? I was going to settle for the M series drop in the offer, but this sounds interesting.
  2. Buck91

    Am breathing nichia!

    My Quark with the 319a 4000k 9xCRI looks quite similar in light output to some of my SST-20 4000k 95cri lights. Which, IMHO, is a good thing. Lacks the pleasant rosiness of the 219b but gives a soft, balanced tint and color rendition and is much better than 219c and simply blows the majority...
  3. Buck91

    [Review] Sofirn IF25A - as good as the hype?

    How do you set it to a lumen level?
  4. Buck91

    The SureFire 6PX/G2X Tactical and 6PX/G2X Pro Thread

    Had a G2X Tactical 320lm version, it was fairly angry blue but it was a great, "working" light. Eventually it flaked out and wouldnt turn on without a smack on the palm. A trip back to Surefire and about 2wks turn around time and the same light came back with a brand new head on it. Can't be...
  5. Buck91

    Eagletac P100A2 & P100C2: The impossible to open flashlights?

    Bit of a zombie thread, here. Anybody have success opening these up? Picked up a close out P100C2 and would like to replace the XPG R2.
  6. Buck91

    P60 sized led drop-ins (part 3)

    I think fasttech has some 17mm drivers like that which you may be able to use to repair yours?
  7. Buck91

    What do you desire from a AAA-size light?

    That would be nice!
  8. Buck91

    What do you desire from a AAA-size light?

    Jaxman E3. LMH only and can run AA/alkaline/L91/NiMH/14500 as desired. High on AA/NiMH is around 100lm. No magnetic tailcap, but the pocket clip works well on a ball cap brim.
  9. Buck91

    surefire 6p led

    Classic Z41 tail switch. If you want a clicky the McClicky is proven and well regarded. Can be swapped into your existing tailcap.
  10. Buck91

    Streamlight modding

    Wondering if anybody has modded a streamlight? Specifically I'm looking at a warm LED swap into either the 1L-1AA or the Protac 90. Not sure how well their heads are glued in place. Will they pop off with a heat gun and some strap wrenches or are they pretty permanent?
  11. Buck91

    Best p60 2aa host?

    Any of the 3x123 bodies out there like the c3/g3/9p work great. The lumensfactory seraph sp-9 would also work well. As others mentioned there are some commercial options out there for battery spacers to reduce rattle. I found some pvc tubing at Home Depot that was the right ID which I was...
  12. Buck91

    P60 sized led drop-ins (part 3)

    Customlites still has two mod drop ins. PM me if you want mine! It’s nice o just hate mode memory ;)
  13. Buck91

    recommendations for floody neutral white rechargeable

    Sofirn If25a. Available with 95 cri sst20 emitters, has usbc charging.
  14. Buck91

    how many flashlights do i need in my bug out bag?

    I would want probably three. A compact but decent headlamp with a nice low mode, a somewhat "tactical" handheld and a ultralight back up. Generally, if you are truly bugging out you probably want to minimize any light signature for the sake of security which is why the headlamp and back up...
  15. Buck91

    how many flashlights do i need in my bug out bag?

    What type of bug out scenario do you foresee? Are you running to the hills? Or are just driving to the next town over for a couple nights at a family members house? Or are you planning to E&E?
  16. Buck91

    [Review] Sofirn IF25A - as good as the hype?

    Fanatic light. Maybe a little too fat for EDC... and it needs a pocket clip.
  17. Buck91

    Looking for good household flashlight

    I dunno, my youngest isn't even two yet and he keeps stealing my axe! (It has a heavy leather sheath so no major safety concerns)
  18. Buck91

    Looking for good household flashlight

    You could do a streamlight survivor and mount the charging cradle to the wall! But really I’ve always liked the size of the 3D maglite for this type of application. Get one of the brighter colors like red and it really is tough to loose. Maybe the C version could save some weight/bulk now...
  19. Buck91

    Help to choose single AA flashlight

    I have one of those. Great little light, especially at that price. Mode memory with a 14500 and not with a NiMH... so mine would only see NiMH and miss out on the higher output. Also be aware its a hold-for-off UI, which some don't care for.
  20. Buck91

    Help to choose single AA flashlight

    After my experience with the D25c the d25a must be a great little light. I just wish the price would come down now that it’s a bit dated...

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