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  1. Buck91

    Need a new charger for AGM & wet car batteries

    I scored a Schumacher SC-1200 charger on an amazon lightning deal a couple years ago and its worked VERY well for me. Looks like that model was discontinued, so I'm not sure what the newer version is like.
  2. Buck91

    Keeppower 18500 2300mAh - What is behind?

    Sounds like the perfect cell for my FM 18500/AA build.
  3. Buck91

    Travel charger for li-ion and NiMH?

    Looking for a travel charger that can handle AA/AAA NiMH as well as 16340 and 18650 (21700 and 26650 would be great). Single cell would be fine, something like a Nitecore F1 but that does NiMH as well. Does such a beast exist?
  4. Buck91

    Costco energizer rechargeable

    Not yet. Been using the first set for many months in kids toys.
  5. Buck91

    Nimh only charger

    I have a Sony wall wart just like this. Even has a discharge or cell refresh function. Even now with much fancier chargers in the closet this is the one I grab 99% of the time for nimh cells.
  6. Buck91

    if i lose power how many months will my 18650s stay charged to 80%

    While 18650 is a grey format I do like single AA lights for emergency. Can run off NIMH, L91 or even a AAA if needed. Always good to have more than one cell format available because in a widespread disaster it may be hard to get certain types.
  7. Buck91

    energizer l91 worth it in flashlight?

    I prefer AA for travel due to available replacements. All my glovebox lights use AA and are stored with L91.
  8. Buck91

    0V 18650 died stored in headtorch Wizard Pro v3

    Was this the AT battery? Also, do you lock out the tail during storage?
  9. Buck91

    Costco energizer rechargeable

    I use this kit for my sons toys. Seems to work well. No formal... or really even informal... testing...
  10. Buck91

    AW cells?

    Use them with my m91b... but really just for short periods.
  11. Buck91

    AW cells?

    So the AW 17500 cells (ICR, rated for 1100mah, protected, black label) that I have just finished running and both scored between 935-945mah. I have no idea what their age is or how they have been maintained as I bought them used. I'll call this a win!
  12. Buck91

    AW cells?

    Just a little update in case anybody is curious. My old AW rcr123 cells from probably 2009 or 2010 tested at 549 and 554mah. This was after a full charge on a Vapcell S4 Plus and the capacity test was done on the same machine. While they are rated at 750mah on the shrink wrap, the 550'ish...
  13. Buck91

    IMR or protected li ion?

    Looking for a good quality 16340 cell to replace my old AW cells, mostly for use in 1s but would be nice if it was safe to use in 2s/3s if I wanted to. Looks like there is a good selection of imr as well as various protected li ion cells out there. Very unlikely to see greater than 2c...
  14. Buck91

    Soldering irons?

    Well, really wasn't sure which forum would be best for this post but since they are electronic here we are... Any suggestions for a decent (but not break-the-bank awesome) soldering iron? I have been using the same 40 or 45 watt radio shack pencil style iron for almost a decade now and its...
  15. Buck91

    AW cells?

    I believe it has been a number of years now that AW has not been manufacturing new cells? Assuming reasonably well cared for, how trustworthy are AW cells at this point? I have a pair of AW rcr123's that seem to still work well in my Eagtac D3C as well as a pair of 17500's which are...
  16. Buck91

    I like AA batteries

    I like AA batteries. They are compact yet offer better capacity than AAA or coin cells, are available in alkaline or lithium primaries as well as lsd nimh or li-ion rechargeables. All are relatively easy to find and if you are ever in a position where your rechargeable runs dead you can pop an...
  17. Buck91

    S2+ metal switch?

    Did you message Simon? Question- how is the water resistance on the metal switches?
  18. Buck91

    2s in high reliability application

    I have a couple torches that are set up to run 3-4 primaries or 2 lithium rechargeable. I like the idea of running a 2 17500 or even 18650 as it will significantly lengthen the run time but these will see use in a high reliability application along with frequently potential sudden impacts. I...
  19. Buck91

    Which AA rechargeable?

    Are you sure? I looked real hard and did not see ANY indication of pre charged or low self discharge. I see it on your link but did NOT see it on the in store product.
  20. Buck91

    Protected or not?

    Looking to run a bulletproof C2 setup with a li-ion cell. Probably will end up with malkoff, so no LVP. Obviously, then, a protected cell would be desirable but how much does the cell protection circuit impact reliability? FWIW I'm looking at the 16650 keeppower vs the plain Sanyo UR16650ZTA.

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