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  1. carrot

    WTB bronze with pocket clip

    I’m thinking about Okluma or Sigma but I have an open mind. I’m specifically looking for something but casting a wide net just in case there’s anything else great I haven’t thought about.
  2. carrot

    WTB user McGizmos

    Not sure what I’m looking for but certainly I’ll know it when I see it. Best if it has a ding or two so I won’t feel like babying it.
  3. carrot

    WTB Malkoff Bodyguard or E-series Malkoff parts

    Before I go straight to the source I’m wondering if anybody in the community is letting theirs go first. Used and worn anodize welcome. Cheers! PS also in the market for Ti E parts
  4. carrot

    E-series lego musings

    Before you TL;DR, I'm starting this thread to discuss E-series legos. Please share what's been working for you! TL;DR: I did a bunch of E-series lego and got a bunch of crazy frankensteins and now I'm marveling all over again at how great the E-series system has been for us. 2020 was a strange...
  5. carrot

    WTB Quark Tacticals or Turbos, any working condition

    Any working condition Quark Tactical models. I prefer the 1-cell models but I welcome all offers.
  6. carrot

    Return of the Lunasol?

    I think one light we’d all like to see again is a form of Lunasol. Fortunately there is a new two-channel driver in town which is fully capable of running independent LED channels, the firmware open source and easily modified to remove the programmable groups, and plenty of modern MxGizmo...
  7. carrot

    Sold/Expired WTB: Any HDS

    Got any dusty old HDSes sitting around? I'm open to all offers. I don't like the Tactical model but I'm interested in anything. Old HDS, new HDS, RaLights, whatever. I much prefer used over pristine. None of my lights are pristine and I might feel bad about using a pristine old stock light...
  8. carrot

    5mm LEDs - Any love left?

    Perhaps my interest in 5mm LEDs is purely nostalgia. Before I knew what a flashaholic was, I loved those 5mm LED keychain squeeze lights. First, dollar store ones, then Inova Microlights, then Photon Micro-Lights. Like any flashaholic in the early 00's, I obtained the truly venerable Arc-AA and...
  9. carrot

    Foursevens Maelstrom Regen MMR-X

    18650, micro-USB rechargeable, configurable between 5 different interface, and range of 1 to 800 lumens... Sounds just like the USB-rechargeable that I've been clamoring for. Expected to ship Dec 3. Here's the text they sent out in the email. Introducing the Maelstrom Regen MMR-X! Our family...
  10. carrot

    Viability of USB Rechargeable Flashlights

    I've been thinking about how great it would be to have an EDC, USB-rechargeable flashlight. It'd just have a Micro-USB port and you could charge it up with the same charger that does your smartphone, tablet, or e-reader. It would be very convenient with no batteries to juggle and no charging...
  11. carrot

    Recommend Nichia 219 lights

    I want more Nichia 219 lights. Since I've obviously been out of the loop, I'll ask the community for help. Requirements: - Nichia 219 - skinnier and lighter than a 6P since I already have a Malkoff 219 - prefer 18650 and 123 cells, however AA and AAA are OK - some amount of water resistance -...
  12. carrot

    What is it about 5mms? I still love lights that use these darn things!

    A lot of my favorite lights use these little 5mm epoxy-dome wonders. Arc-AAA, Fenix E01 (and E0 Dart for those who remember), Mako-AAA, Sapphire, Infinity Ultra, Inova X5, Photons... I still use 5mm-based lights every day. Anybody still love these things? The beam distribution is a nice...
  13. carrot

    Surefire EB1 Backup micro-review.

    I thought it was high time to find an EDC replacement for my lost McGizmo (why not another?) and figured I'd re-evaluate my needs. Settled on a Surefire EB1 after a false start with new-old stock E1L. I decided that since I have increasingly relied on headlamps as my primary lighting, my EDC...
  14. carrot

    Surefire LX2 still relevant?

    Greetings all, With the "imminent release" of the LX2 Lumamax Ultra (500 lumens update), and the new, 2-stage EB1-T, along with the constant march of progress, is the LX2 still relevant in its size and price range? I had been interested since they came out but never got around to picking one...
  15. carrot

    The Malkoff M61 with Nichia 219 Review

    For submission into the reviews forum. Awhile ago, Craig of Illumination Supply contacted me, out of the blue, and would I, perhaps, be interested in trying out the Nichia 219 in Malkoff's world-class M61? You all already know my feelings about Malkoff, or maybe not, but suffice to say, I was...
  16. carrot

    Lost my McLux Ti PD-S Mizer

    As the title says. Lost while backpacking Devils Path in the Catskills this weekend. This beauty was from the final wave of Ti PD-S's from Don. 9/15/2008 - 12/11/2011. In that time its seen a solid three years of use, every day. No tool, no matter how perfect, is worth this much angst. I'm...
  17. carrot

    Why one of my most pricy headlamps is relegated to th bedside: Zebralight fans beware

    I caved not too long ago and bought a Zebralight on the recommendations of others here. (Caved, as in gave in, not going caving, in this case.) I thought that the mass consensus had to be right: they were right about many of the other lights I have purchased on recommendation. I got an...
  18. carrot

    90 Lumen Black Diamond Spot

    I was at REI today and I noticed that the Black Diamond Spot is now 90 lumens. The old 75 lumens BD Spot is now marked down to $25 (from $40), so it is also a good deal. Picked one up today and I do not have an older Spot to compare it to but they looked functionally unchanged in package...
  19. carrot

    Other hobbies besides collecting? Pics encouraged.

    I'm curious what other CPFers do for hobbies. Collecting other stuff (knives, guns) is pretty obvious... so what else do you do for fun? Pics encouraged.
  20. carrot

    Colorado flashaholics/hikers/backpackers/climbers/cavers - Aug 4 through Aug 16

    Looking for fellow adventurers in Northern Colorado, near Boulder. I'll be there from August 4th to August 16th and wondering if anyone wanted to meet up for an adventure or a small get-together.

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