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  1. Buck91

    Morimoto leds

    I just used the manufacture website for model examples. I appreciate your insight.
  2. Buck91

    Morimoto leds

    Can you clarify why the more economic hybrids are undesirable? I’m looking at headlight performance, no interest in spending money on led parking/etc options.
  3. Buck91

    Morimoto leds

    As I would guess…. But I don’t think there really is a good option for this truck.
  4. Buck91

    Morimoto leds

    Does anybody have first hand experience with Morimoto headlights? I’m looking at upgrading our 2018 F150 to their xb hybrid model. Any idea what leds are used and cut/cri? Are they any better in that regard then the 6500k angry blue thats so prevalent in the auto world?
  5. Buck91

    Sofirn IF25a

    Nice, concise review.
  6. Buck91

    CountyComm Maratac 14500 three Nichia 219C

    Lack of dual fuel ability to run off AA/nimh cells really limits the appeal of 14500 for me.
  7. Buck91

    SF M3 (D36) LED tower vs P60 LED drop-in?

    I'm also looking at some D36 options. Can you tell me more about this Z46 lens/gasket? I was going to settle for the M series drop in the offer, but this sounds interesting.
  8. Buck91

    Malkoff M91

    Now I generally enjoy a warm tint, but I find all of my 5000k LH351D to be a bit green and just looks "off" in the dark. Not noticable during the the day so much. Even in a dark room. But like I said, I'm a suck for a 3500k-4000k 219B or sst-20. The 3500k LH351D is pretty good though!
  9. Buck91

    WTT: Malkoff M61NLLLL

    No worries, appreciate the thought.
  10. Buck91

    16650 + P60 lamp assembly = ?

    So is this pretty much the best option to run a P60 incan in the stock SF body right now? How does it compare to the LF HO-4 on 1x16650?
  11. Buck91

    WTT: Malkoff M61NLLLL

    Did you ever find your trade? Would you want to sell it straight up?
  12. Buck91

    The Malkoff Potential Group Buy Sounding Board

    Bumping the LLLL SST-20 idea. Is anybody enthusiastic enough to put this together or did the boat leave?
  13. Buck91

    Am breathing nichia!

    My Quark with the 319a 4000k 9xCRI looks quite similar in light output to some of my SST-20 4000k 95cri lights. Which, IMHO, is a good thing. Lacks the pleasant rosiness of the 219b but gives a soft, balanced tint and color rendition and is much better than 219c and simply blows the majority...
  14. Buck91

    [Review] Sofirn IF25A - as good as the hype?

    How do you set it to a lumen level?
  15. Buck91

    HM50r led swap

    Has anybody swapped the led in the fenix? Any success removing the bezel? IIRC fenix likes to glue things. Wondering what the best way to fab a bezel tool would be? On my th20 mods I’ve always ended up scratching the crap out of them which I’d like to avoid this time…
  16. Buck91

    All Sold Reylight Pineapples, EagTac D25LC2 mini, D25LC2, Lumintop Tool AA CU

    Re: Reylight Pineapples, EagTac D25LC2 mini, D25LC2, Lumintop Tool AA CU, all modded Thank you. Going to pass on this one, I haven’t loved the LH351D emitters from mtn in the past.
  17. Buck91

    All Sold Reylight Pineapples, EagTac D25LC2 mini, D25LC2, Lumintop Tool AA CU

    Re: Reylight Pineapples, EagTac D25LC2 mini, D25LC2, Lumintop Tool AA CU, all modded What’s the story with that Eagtac d25lc2? Is this a custom job? I just ask because I haven’t seen it with the LH351d at all. If so do you have the binning one that led? Seems like 3500-4000 is the sweet...
  18. Buck91

    Seeking recommendations for a small flashlight with decent throw

    Why do small for address finding? I used to use a 3D mag and then an incan G2. Both worked amazingly well. These days I keep something larger in the car but if I wanted compact I’d look at my surefire G2X without hesitation. Pro is two mode low-high and LE is high-low if you can find one I...
  19. Buck91

    Need a new single-AA twist flashlight

    I’d look at the L10 as mentioned earlier. If you don’t mind a tail clicky I’m pretty happy with the three Jaxman e3 flashlights I have. While peak makes great stuff, I never bought their AA. The action of the qtc on my eiger just never impressed me.
  20. Buck91

    What is a bombproof headlamp that uses AA batteries?

    Excellent headlamp, just bought another one. Easy to swap leds if so desired.

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