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  1. troutpool

    Oddlot--Very Odd Lot--Three Flashlights For $50

    I am selling these three items together as one lot, no splitting. Price includes Priority Mail shipping and all fees. 1. Reylight Mini Pineapple in solid copper with Nichia 219B R9080 emitter. This AAA light is programmable; instructions are available online on Rey's website. Currently set up...
  2. troutpool

    CLOSED: McGizmo McLux Flashlights and Aleph Parts

    1. SOLD McLux TK-2003 EN, Serial Number 016. Electroless nickel plated, mineral glass lens, Kroll switch, Luxeon Star LED, McFlood reflector. Single mode. Takes one CR123 battery. All original. The McLux TK was the very first McGizmo production flashlight, and thus one of the most collectible...
  3. troutpool

    Help With Pictures, Please

    I want to sell a couple of lights, and, though I have posted photos dozens of times before, I am unable to do so this morning. The image cannot be dragged and dropped in. I tried inserting the BB Code from imgur, which has worked before, but now I get this message: "Image cannot be loaded from...
  4. troutpool

    ALL SOLD: HDS Amber Rotary Head; Lumens Factory P60-to-E Head

    I have two brand new goodies, just received, that I have determined are not going to get used by me. So I will pass them along to new owners at my cost. The first clear claim in this thread takes priority. US shipping only please. 1. HDS Amber Rotary Head. This is a head ONLY. You will need to...
  5. troutpool

    Sold/Expired CLOSED: Aleph 19 Host; Malkoff MD3 Thrower; Surefire L1

    1. Aleph 19 host with the following components: Aleph 19 head, Aleph 1x123 battery tube, RPM clicky tailcap, smooth stainless bezel ring. Host only; no LED module. Measures 3 7/8 inches in length. Condition is very good. Price is $100 $95 $90 including shipping and fees. WITHDRAWN 2. Malkoff...
  6. troutpool

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Surefire L1 and Surefire G2 Tan, Both with Holsters

    1. Surefire L1 Digital Lumamax. This is a generation 6 light with two levels, 10 and 65 lumens. Cool white emitter. This one has been a backup, on-the-shelf light for me and is in excellent condition. Comes with 2 Streamlight Protac holsters that work for this L1. Price is $95 including priority...
  7. troutpool

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Modified Sunwayman V10R Titanium

    Sunwayman V10R Ti package. I bought this light new from Battery Junction. It has the following modifications: grip mod and debadging by Precision Works; Steve Ku titanium trit fins with 12 trits, 6 green and 6 ice blue; emitter swapped by Vinh to Nichia 219B. Also included with this light are...
  8. troutpool

    Sold/Expired CLOSED: MJP Extreme Micro CR2; Aleph 19 Head

    1. The Sunwayman V10R Ti has been moved to the Titanium and Exotic Metals section of the Marketplace and is now sold. 2. MJP Extreme Micro. This light is not much bigger than the CR2 battery that powers it. L-M-H plus blinky modes. Always starts on Low. Has the beautiful anodizing these are...
  9. troutpool

    Sold/Expired ALL SOLD: Bombelman's ARC CR2 Body; 4Sevens Quark Mini MLR2; Prometheus QRV2 Nickel

    1. SOLD Bombelman's CR2 body for ARC LS. I bought this scarce item recently. I am glad to have seen one of these--finally--but I am not really going to use it. So someone else can have it for their collection for what I paid for it. Condition is excellent. It was described as new by my seller...
  10. troutpool


  11. troutpool

    Sold/Expired CLOSED: Malkoff M31W Dropin; Surefire G2Z (SOLD)

    1. Surefire G2Z in tan Nitrolon with black rubber combat grip ring and black Oveready bezel ring. Surefire P60 module installed. Old style single Surefire marking on the body. Excellent lightly used condition. Price is $100 including shipping and fees. SOLD 2. Malkoff M31W dropin. Nice warm...
  12. troutpool

    Sold/Expired CLOSED: Malkoff M31W Dropin for a Different Malkoff Dropin

    I have a Malkoff M31W dropin in excellent condition that I would like to trade for a Malkoff dropin with either a Nichia 219 emitter or a neutral (N) emitter. I will consider both M31 and M61, and any brightness level. PM me, please, if you are interested in this trade.
  13. troutpool

    Sold/Expired WTB: Amber HDS Rotary

    I am looking for an HDS Rotary with amber emitter. If you have one you could part with, please let me know by PM.
  14. troutpool

    Sold/Expired ALL SOLD: Surefire L1, Quark Mini MLR2, Sofirn C01S, Nitcore Tube V2 Vn with Yuji

    1. Surefire L1, generation 4. This light has the 4 flats body and the newer style head. Excellent condition. Price is $125. SOLD 2. Surefire L1, generation 5. Round body, newer style head, length longer than gen 6. This light shows signs of carry and honest use but works perfectly. Great user...
  15. troutpool

    Sold/Expired CLOSED: Surefire L1, Generation 4, for an L1 of a Different Generation

    I have a Generation Four L1 in very nice condition that I would like to trade for an L1 of generation One, Two, Three or Five. Please let me know if you have an interest in such a trade.
  16. troutpool

    Sold/Expired CLOSED NOW: Oveready BOSS 35 Titanium in Excellent Condition

    I am looking for a titanium Boss 35 in excellent condition. I can do a straight buy transaction, or I can give you an aluminum BOSS 70 in satin silver finish as trade or part payment. Please let me know by PM if you have a ti 35 you could sell.
  17. troutpool

    Sold/Expired CLOSED: Surefire E2 Executive Teardrop and Nitecore Tube V2 Modded With Yuji

    I have two lights to sell today, and I want to sell them together as a single lot. The E2 with teardrop bezel is in beautiful condition with nicely matching anodizing. It comes with one Surefire MN03 lamp, rated at 60 lumens. The Nitecore Tube was modded by Vinh, who installed a warm 3200k Yuji...
  18. troutpool

    Sold/Expired FOUND: Electronic Switch for Sunwayman V10R Ti

    I would prefer one of the plain ones without trit slot that SOYCD did a few years ago. If you have one you can part with, please let me know. I would also consider one with trit if you have one of those to let go.
  19. troutpool

    Sold/Expired WITHDRAWN: Peter Atwood Steel PopWroach Latest Tool

    I bought this latest captive bit tool from Peter earlier this week. Decided it's just not for me. I am selling it at cost plus postage: $65 + 4 = $69. Card and bag included. New--I did not even install the O-rings. Pictures can be found at Peter's site. US shipping only. PayPal goods and...
  20. troutpool

    Sold/Expired ENDED: Malkoff LLLL, Frelux, RPM, Lumintop, Sofirn and Others

    Time to sell a few lights and parts that are not getting the use they deserve. US shipping only. Please add $3.00 to each order towards the shipping cost. 1. Frelux Synergy1 BFG in gray. Beautiful anodizing, Nichia emitter. Two clips, bronze shown and an extra blue one. Original metal box...

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