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  1. troutpool

    How old is you EDC flashlight?

    I have had a 4Sevens Quark Mini CR2 on my car key since 2014. My HDS 170N Rotary dates from 2015.
  2. troutpool

    Oddlot--Very Odd Lot--Three Flashlights For $50

    I am selling these three items together as one lot, no splitting. Price includes Priority Mail shipping and all fees. 1. Reylight Mini Pineapple in solid copper with Nichia 219B R9080 emitter. This AAA light is programmable; instructions are available online on Rey's website. Currently set up...
  3. troutpool

    How do you keep your kitchen knife sharp?

    What about Ginsu, Farberware or Miracle Blade--knives that are never supposed to need sharpening? Anyone have any experience with these? I have an old Crock Stick ceramic rod system that I use and like. Used to have an Arkansas stone, but that was many years ago.
  4. troutpool

    Help me pick a FL for a gift to an art expert

    I use a mule for lighting works of art. McGizmo and Peak both make mules with high CRI emitters. The McGizmo is titanium and costs more than you want to spend, but the Peak Eiger mule in stainless steel or brass is a handsome light and well within budget.
  5. troutpool

    (All Sold) Surefire G2s w/ Malkoff M61WLL

    I'll take the one with 2 batteries for $80. Please send your paypal info. Thanks. Edit: PayPal sent.
  6. troutpool

    am i making a mistake being nice to the stray cats?

    Another factor to consider is that feral cats kill millions of songbirds in North America every year. This has been well studied and documented. I think the best outcome would be for the cats to be professionally trapped, taken to a shelter, and adopted by a person or family as a welcome indoor...
  7. troutpool

    Bringing a 6P in to the 21st Century

    You might want to consider the high CRI versions of Malkoff dropins with Nichia LEDs, available from Illumn. For your purposes now, you might enjoy the superior color rendering and tint of the Nichia emitters.
  8. troutpool

    Nichia LEDs

    I contacted Robyn, and Peak built a mule for me. It arrived yesterday and it's terrific. The tint of this Nichia emitter is extremely pleasant. A great offering and a great opportunity. Many thanks to Robyn and Curt.
  9. troutpool

    CLOSED: McGizmo McLux Flashlights and Aleph Parts

    The price of #2 is lowered once again, and for the last time.
  10. troutpool

    18350/18500 Battery Compartment Pre-Sale

    Thanks for this excellent news, Hogo!
  11. troutpool

    All but 1 light gone for 3 weeks. What would you choose?

    He had to choose one light to keep and use for 3 weeks while the rest of his collection is on display at the local fair.
  12. troutpool

    Nichia LEDs

    Robyn, is there any chance of getting this Nichia LED in a Mule head for the Eiger?
  13. troutpool

    Beware Alkaline Cells

    I have been very careful to use lithium primaries in my lights, but today I happened to open up a little AAA light I have not touched in a couple of years, and, to my horror, there was an alkaline battery in it. And, yes, it had leaked. And, no, the light will not work now. I think I bought this...
  14. troutpool

    CLOSED: McGizmo McLux Flashlights and Aleph Parts

    Number 2, a classic McGizmo, is now reduced to $250.
  15. troutpool

    darkest place you have ever been?

    Deep in Mammoth Cave when the guide switched off his torch for a minute.
  16. troutpool

    CLOSED: McGizmo McLux Flashlights and Aleph Parts

    Another price drop on #2.
  17. troutpool

    CLOSED: McGizmo McLux Flashlights and Aleph Parts

    The price of the McLux 3x123 is lowered again.
  18. troutpool

    CLOSED: McGizmo McLux Flashlights and Aleph Parts

    Numbers 1 and 3 are sold. Number 2 is available at a lower price now.
  19. troutpool

    CLOSED: McGizmo McLux Flashlights and Aleph Parts

    Number 1 is now sold. Number 3 is sold pending funds. Number 2 is still available.

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