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    TK20R: Does this light throw like the original TK20?

    I always wanted to get a yellow handled TK20 but never did! Too bad the TK20R did not have one. I love black on yellow!
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    Trying to find a spare battery for a new Thrunite Archer Pro!

    I told them this light was a poor design in my email and I agree with you. I actually have started EDC'ing the smaller 18650 lights these days, but I really love the Archer 1A and thought this would be an upgrade. I was wrong! :mad:
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    Trying to find a spare battery for a new Thrunite Archer Pro!

    Thank you for your reply. I have tried 3 different 14500's, one which is brand new and all three work in other lights. Two are button top, and one is a flat top. I even tried a 3.6v LiFePO4, and it did the same thing. I used a multitester on the cell that came with the light, and the part of the...
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    Trying to find a spare battery for a new Thrunite Archer Pro!

    This is a long shot, but I still have until the end of January to return this light to Amazon! Like the title states, I am looking for a spare battery for this light. If I can find one, I will probably keep the light. I actually emailed Thrunite and they said the lights head is glued down and...
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    You Just Know Your A Flashaholic When......

    When you cannot afford food, rent, mortgage, clothing, and pay your bills, but still order lights from Amazon!!
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    Need a battery adapter for a Fenix TK70

    The TK70 is able to run off 3 D's. Part of the tube just screws off. Maybe there is a D to 26650 adapter, and then use 2 D dummy cells, if something like that is made???:geek: Edit: I just thought of something else. If the part of the tube that is removable will screw into the back of the head...
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    Need a battery adapter for a Fenix TK70

    Many years ago I purchased a Fenix TK70 for my birthday. I decided to treat myself and spent about $240.00 on the light, a battery charger, 4 high capacity NIMH D cells, and a tactical pen. In a nutshell, the light was\is great, the charger cooked batteries, the batteries stunk (Tenergy), and...
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    High pitched whine coming from new flashlight

    I just purchased a light and when turned on, makes a high pitched whining noise. The noise will change a bit when changing brightness modes, and will go away when I put the light in turbo. It is a small light made by Kodiak that I got from Walmart. Should I be concerned about this and get it...
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    Foursevens Quark Smart

    It has to be using some power from the battery to make that indicator light come on. How long did it sit around unused?
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    Interesting Maglite ML300L issue

    Strange problem, maybe the switch is flakey. Why don't you just contact the place you bought it from and have them exchange it instead of sending it to Maglite for repair? That would probably be a much faster solution for you! :)
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    Anyone buying Chinese lights these days - now that Russia and China are committed BFF?

    It will stay open until people become abusive towards each other! :grin2::grin2:
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    Anyone buying Chinese lights these days - now that Russia and China are committed BFF?

    Everybody responding to this post is using Chinese made computers. Do not say your Apple computer is made in the US, because it is not. I own many Apple devices and have had for years, and they were all made overseas. Everything in these computers is made in China, Korea, Thailand, etc. Most...
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    I own a Zebralight that will use AA's, 14500's, and CR123's. It is an old light and it does not have a model number on it, but I think it is a SC80. Also, a company called Nicron makes a light that takes a AA and 18650, model N81. I have a few of their lights and they are great budget...
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    Favorite budget light 2022

    I also still cannot find any information on that light. I went to Reylight's webpage and there was nothing there that resembled it, and nothing close to $6.00 to $7.00. Where did you purchase it and when? Edit: I did a Google search for "Shenray Flashlights" and the first thing that came up was...
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    Favorite budget light 2022

    That actually looks nice. Where did you get it? What is the brand and model number? A Google search on "Angel Eyes" brings up nothing.
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    Rayovac rechagable at walmart

    I saw this at Walmart, and I passed on it also. Considering its power source, I thought it would have at least put out 700 lumens. I ended up getting an Ozark Trail 750 lumen rechargeable light. The only thing I do not like about it, is like the Rayovac, the battery is not easily replaced. In...
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    My latest Flashlight!

    I only paid $21.00 for this and have been pleasantly surprised by it! The first thing that struck me when I first saw and held it, was the finish on it. It looks like a way more expensive light. But that is not all! It has last mode memory, is USB-C rechargeable, has USB output connection for...
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    Seeking 1xAA/14500 or 1xCR123A/16340 EDC light with red secondary

    Also, I have a few lights made by Sofirn, and they are very well made and reasonably priced!!
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    Seeking 1xAA/14500 or 1xCR123A/16340 EDC light with red secondary

    I have a Nitecore M10A and did not realize it had a red LED in it! lol :grin2: You can get it to turn on using the red LED right off that bat by just setting it to red using the buttons on the head of the light, then turn it off. It has a memory of the last mode used. It can also use a NIHH...
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    usa flashlights? would it really cost a lot more to make a flashlight in the usa?

    I was looking at the Malkoff single AA light a few years back and almost pulled the trigger on it. It is still on my "maybe list", I just wish it put out a few more lumens on high. I actually have a Peak AA light somewhere. It is fairly old and had 3 LED's in the head and just twisted on and...