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    Driver for LED 10w, 30w, 50w?

    May be this could be helpful for you. I am in the same situation than you, DIY'ing the best possible led diving torch. But as I had seen, the Dive Light Genie is your drive. I am still building, but the driver that Mathew builds is perfect. I tested and works perfectly with 35W or 50W halogen...
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    Finally, 20w edipower portable light - flashlight lots of pics!

    Really, you did what I am trying. Well I'm not trying to flood the light or the canister, or having a wide beam, ... :sick2: but I am trying to dive with my smallest, brightest, coolest, canister torch. Could you give us any information else, about, the led, lens, flooding problems, ... I have...
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    One 11000 lumen led and narrow beam lens

    Vidpro, I have purchased (and waiting for the postman) the Dive Light Genie and I think it is close to the drivers you say, or better, or not... It is a great pleasure to deal with Mathew, who recommends you the best option, and who will program the driver to your desired voltage, amperes...
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    One 11000 lumen led and narrow beam lens

    I learn and I think I don't have to be in the wrong way when I read all of you. I already have purchased and received that 10º-15º lens from ledsee or nwoelders and looks great, but has to be tested with the 20W led that nwoelders recomend or the led that halloweenhamster says from...
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    One 11000 lumen led and narrow beam lens

    If the ostar is the best option, which optical will fit on it and give a narrow beam? who sells it? I think that the cytoe's project looks (and shines) great ...and big compared with the idea I have in my mind. I want a single led for aesthetic reason. I would like a "like a laser beam"...
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    One 11000 lumen led and narrow beam lens

    Anybody knows which lens do I have to use with this led to have a 5º/10º beam. (and where to buy it) I saw in other threads, that some people thinks it is not the best choice, but it is the brightest one (under 100$) that I'd found, so... I bought it, and now I need a narrow lens. Anyway...