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  1. Lou Minescence

    Show your Sunwayman collection!

    Nice lights. I didn't know there was a CPF edition. Wish I bought a Ti version back then.
  2. Lou Minescence

    NEW Prime C2 Pro Max and Prime C1 Pro

    I looked at the website and the owners' manual. No specs for output besides maximum. How low is moonlight mode ?
  3. Lou Minescence

    dont ever move to a small town!!!!!

    😘 You’ve been here 10 days and already made friends.
  4. Lou Minescence

    Mechanic's headlamp

    The headlamp in the video in first post is ok but does not have much battery life. Still need a flashlight when doing dash work. I use a Wizard on a backwards baseball cap.
  5. Lou Minescence

    dont ever move to a small town!!!!!

    I'm reading about the dirtbike and ATV riders running around NY city in a lawless fashion. We did the same in the small town I grew up in. No legal place to ride so we rode where we didn't get noticed much. Chased by police, etc. Only the people swinging shovels at us were terrorized.
  6. Lou Minescence

    Man charged with felony assault for shining flashlight at officer

    So now when asked if he’s ever been arrested he can say yes, for felony assault of a police officer. That Sheriff needs a different job.
  7. Lou Minescence

    Does anyone like Surefire anymore?

    I really don't pay much attention to Surefire. I have 2 6p's with non Surefire LED modules and an EDCLS-T that I like except it only takes primaries. If it could take a rechargeable battery I'd probably carry it. I had an LX2 Lumamax but sold it. It was too bright on low to walk with for me...
  8. Lou Minescence

    Question: For what purpose do you use your high lumen output lights?

    I use my 4,000 lumen lights for sweeping areas and when I walk down the street at night. When I hear a car coming I shine ahead so I look like another car coming and the person usually dims the headlights before they shine on me. I will also shine my high output lights at co-workers messing...
  9. Lou Minescence

    Sofirn LT1s etc lack of water resistance

    Thank you for posting your experience.
  10. Lou Minescence

    Signaling with a Flashlight from 18 Miles Away

    Thanks Lumencraft for the fun video ! I like to see these real world tests. It's been a while since Marshall @ Going Gear took a bunch of current lights and lit up the woodline behind a large field. Keep the Vids coming
  11. Lou Minescence

    New Nitecore SRT7i $116.95 shipped no tax

    I was looking at the SRT7i too. It has the rotary control on the tail cap instead of behind the head. I liked the control ring behind the head on my SRT7
  12. Lou Minescence

    Does AW Still Make Batteries?

    I miss AW lately. They made a 17500 battery that fit in my Sunwayman. I had 2 batteries and one quit. The working one is 10 years old. No more to be had. The 14500 battery you sae must be old I would guess.
  13. Lou Minescence

    For Sale - Flashlight Lou’s Spring Cleaning 2023 p2

    Acebeam H15 headlamp. 2500 lumen 5000k Cree XHP 70.2 10-2,500 lumens magnetic ring / button controlled. Good condition $65 shipped Nitecore SRT9 2150 lumen RGBU flashlight added $60 shipped Fenix HM65R dual beam headlamp. 1400 lumens $55 shipped Acebeam H50 w/ 3 Nichia leds. $45 shipped CONUS...
  14. Lou Minescence

    Sold/Expired Lou’s spring cleaning 2023

    More lights to come Chaunce. HDS and the Full Moon bring out the characters around here.
  15. Lou Minescence

    Sold/Expired Lou’s spring cleaning 2023

    $20 extra so the wife doesn’t hear about it
  16. Lou Minescence

    Sold/Expired Lou’s spring cleaning 2023

    My appologies to all. The new forum pages had me confused. Aginthelaw messaged me and I thought I was looking at my forum post.
  17. Lou Minescence

    Sold/Expired Lou’s spring cleaning 2023

    sorry king-toad it's sold to Aginthelaw. He messaged me a minute after I posted it.
  18. Lou Minescence

    Hello Aginthelaw, paypal [email protected]

    Hello Aginthelaw, paypal [email protected]
  19. Lou Minescence

    WTB fn24

    I have one if you still want one