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    Sub-Lumen "Moonlight" Mode Poll

    People using them in the house at night when the lights are out given as the big reason for having such modes. I use it in said circumstance and find it useless. Get told that such a situation isn't useful for such modes so I shouldn't be surprised that it is useless. Maybe I'm holding it wrong?
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    Sub-Lumen "Moonlight" Mode Poll

    It's actually even brighter during the winter months because of the snow on the ground. The snow being much more reflective than grass, dirt, and concrete.
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    Sub-Lumen "Moonlight" Mode Poll

    Recently received my first with sub-lumen modes and it's just as useless as I suspected it would be. The light coming into the windows from street lamps and other security lighting overpowers even the brightest of the sub-lumen modes.
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    Need smallest AAA battery flashlight in the 30-50 lumens range

    The fragile mode switching tab is what's keeping me from buying some of these for giveaways.
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    Why is there so much lumen-age lost between the emitter and the glass?

    Re: OTF lumens vs emitter lumens? If I remember my optics correctly, the biggest loss is in the glass lens which can be 10% (or more depending on how cheap the lens and coatings are). The reflector usually loses a smaller amount.
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    Zebralight SC52 (XM-L, 1xAA, 1x14500) Review: RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOTS, VIDEO and more!

    If they made the SC52 with XM-L2 3C emitter I would buy one instantly. Every forum needs a few eccentric posters with idiosyncracies... I laughed at the completely arbitrary made up "3 volt category" and how this guy shifted to that after being proven wrong on earlier points.
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    ZebraLight H502 XM-L

    I've recently received the H502d model with the 5000K Luxeon Rebel. Liking the excellent neutral beam. Unlike warmer tints, white looks white which is as it should be. The beam itself is one large ball of white light surrounded by a very yellow corona. It's not exactly apples to apples but the...
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    Olight O'pen?

    Re: Olight O'pen... WTH? I wonder if the Olight "red" is different from the 47's "orange" or the same thing by a different name.
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    Cree A19 9.5w 60w 800lm 2700K for $13.97

    Does anyone know what the CRI rating of the 5000K Cree bulb is? For that matter what about the new 11 watt Philips A19 5000K bulb? I've seen around 80 CRI for the Cree and I've been unable to find anything for the Philips bulb.
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    EA8, you gotta really love AAs

    Maybe that's the point? It's just a tool to give light when they need light. Something you put into a drawer/on to a shelf and pull out when you need it. Who wants the burden of monitoring of cells each time you pull one out or making sure stored cells don't fall below a certain voltage?
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    **NEW** Nitecore EA8

    Re: NEW Nitecore EA8 Having had a chance to use the EA8W for a couple of days and compare, when shining at a white ceiling, I have to say the tint looks very similar to the neutral Xeno E03 that I have. Both of these reportedly use 3C binned LED's so that's no surprise. It has a very tight hot...
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    Do High-CRI LED incandescent replacements with a CCT higher than 2700K exist?

    I noticed the Cree 5000K daylight bulbs at Home Depot (Canada) today. The 8W Philips daylight bulb is supposedly in some stores. No word on the 11W version. I can't wait. For those who are curious, the Philips CFL's at my local store were split evenly between 2700K and 5000K, comprising just...
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    NITECORE EA8 Caveman Review (8/4xAA)

    The only tool I have to examine this is my camera and I can say my observations are the same as yours. When my EA8 runs on turbo it steps down very slightly after 3 minutes and it's barely perceptible in use and I can only see a tiny difference when looking at image histograms. The step down is...
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    NITECORE EA8 Caveman Review (8/4xAA)

    Initially after reading this thread, I watched the ceiling intently while ceiling bouncing this thing and I thought there was a step down but I wasn't sure. I thought my eyes might have been playing tricks on me. Just now I took a few pictures in manual mode (turbo on, 4 minutes later...
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    NITECORE EA8 Caveman Review (8/4xAA)

    I have one of these and I cannot detect any PWM using any of the basic methods usually recommended here.
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    Do High-CRI LED incandescent replacements with a CCT higher than 2700K exist?

    All of the Philips twister type CFL's that I see at Home Depot claim 82 CRI so they can't be that hard to find. To expand further on previous thoughts, why would there be so many 5000K and 6500K CFL bulbs in the store if the "majority" only wanted 2700K. It doesn't explain why there is nothing...
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    Do High-CRI LED incandescent replacements with a CCT higher than 2700K exist?

    In Canadian Home Depot stores, they stock the Philips CFL spiral bulbs in 2700K, 5000K, and 6500K. I'll have to check next time to see what the ratios are like.
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    Do High-CRI LED incandescent replacements with a CCT higher than 2700K exist?

    Sadly those are only available in stateside HD's at the moment. I'd like to demo one for the bathroom.
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    My new Fenix LD12 gen2 has PWM

    How are you determining this?