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    SureFire M6 rechargeable options – SHOOTOUT (Part 2)

    Nice bump. I'll have to go back and read all the replies to see if I can do anything to modernize my M6.
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    When Is A Light A Tactical Light Vs. A Searchlight?

    Tactical lights are smaller and are meant to be used with handguns/rifles and are weapons mountable. This usually means momentary on rear with just on/off, none of that ridiculous cycling through 5 modes. The rear switch is so it can be used in an overhand grip/ice pick grip. Typical uses would...
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    What's the best quality 2xAA flashlight?

    No one doubts the build quality of Malkoff lights but it probably won't work well for your application. If you're used to a couple hours of runtime with the Fenix LD10/LD20 then the Malkoff will only last about an hour on its highest setting. And going from 25 lumens to 250 lumens is a huge...
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    What's the best quality 2xAA flashlight?

    I think you should repurpose your Eneloop Pros and get an 18650 setup. Batteries are about 5 USD each and a basic charger is not that expensive so it's a very small percentage of your $250 budget. There are chargers that will handle NiMH and Li-ion as well. 18650 lights have much higher...
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    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    Convoy S2+ 219C 4000K Convoy S2+ SST-20 2700K Folomov EDC C1 v3 (maybe replacing the SF Sidekick as primary EDC) ZebraLight SC64w HI (maybe replacing Quark QTL as secondary EDC) I just wish the Folomov had an optional key ring so I can put a mini carbiner so I can detach from my keys when...
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    What's your car EDC?

    I've had the SureFire G2Z (incandescent) in my previous and current car for probably at least 10 years now. Temperatures can range from below 0*F in the winter and over 100*F in the summer so I've always preferred lithium primaries for this reason. Another reason is that since I don't use lights...
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    L-M-H with full clicks

    I'm not familiar with the D25 UI. What happens if you fully press the switch instead of doing half presses? If you can live with a M-L-H UI, I like my LUMINTOP IYP365 Nichia. It can be had for close to $21 on Amazon with a discount code. There are some discontinued Quark Pros on eBay (search...
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    What do you EDC (Every Day in your Car); what light is in your car?

    SF G2Z w/ Lumens Factory HO-6 incan lamp and a SF battery carrier w/ Panasonic CR123A. 4S QT2A-X and w/ Energizer Ultimate Lithiums.
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    Possible to upgrade Quark Tactical QT2L XP-G2 to something brighter?

    The listed max lumens is 276 and I have a QT2L-X head w/ Burst that gives 780 lumens for a minute before dropping but I don't like the floody beam of the XM-L2. I also don't like the slower strobe on the X heads. Also, is there a way to get a faster strobe frequency? I think selfbuilt measured...
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    Video Review: Lumintop IYP365 Pen-sized Flashlight (Nichia 219BT, 2xAAA)

    The comfort level between a 1xAAA and 2xAAA is negligible if you carry a pen.
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    Cr123 vs AA flashlights

    Like Rob and others have said, I like CR123 lights for their output/size ratio. The lights that I like have 1 or two settings (see sig) and are used in short bursts so runtime isn't that important since I usually have spares kept close by. A CR123 in something like the Quark QTL will give me...
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    Your EDC Battery

    Check out the Streamlight 88061 ProTac 1L-1AA Dual Fuel.
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    Your EDC Battery

    I recently got a 2xAA light (for no reason other than it was cheap) and an 8 pack of Energizer L91 Lithiums. I can honestly say that this set of batteries will last me at least 5 years barring a natural disaster. Primary > rechargeable makes better sense for 99% of people.
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    Your EDC Battery

    I use primaries (CR123) and have a spare light (G2Z) in the car. I also have an AAA keychain light that hasn't been used all year. I tried the rechargeable thing but don't use a light often enough to justify the ~$30 for a charger + batteries. $30 can get me a couple dozen CR123 and some AA and...
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    Where did all the oldtimers go.

    What's up, Jason? Glad to see that you're still around. I remember us chatting on AIM or something way back. Just checking in after seeing a link from Kestrel in another thread. I found CPF after being in awe of the Streamlight Stylus AAAA that my brother had. My first light was the $30 (?) Arc...
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    Lumintop IYP365

    I don't visit CPF often anymore but I think that saving night vision is way over blown on the forums and probably more about finding an excuse to use for it vs needing it.
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    Lumintop IYP365

    Because medium is well suited for a wide variety of tasks with ambient light.
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    Lumintop IYP365

    Possible that it's the same switch design as the Sunwayman P02A?
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    Lumintop IYP365

    I just initiated a return with Amazon and will send it back this week. Overall, I really liked everything about the light and am disappointed that the switch went out so soon. On the other hand I'm glad that it happened now because it's still within the return policy window. I'd be more...
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    Lumintop IYP365

    I got my IYP365 on 2016/07/22 and the switch just stopped clicking and the light doesn't come on. I have another one BNIB and swapped the head/batteries to it and it works. rookie, do you have a contact at LUMINTOP or should I go through Amazon?