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  1. chainsolid

    Why do you collect flashlights?

    It' Hobby My first flashlight "Surefire 6P"
  2. chainsolid

    WTB: Surefire E1D

    I have address in Boston
  3. chainsolid

    WTB: Surefire E1D

    Looking for Surefire E1D Possible NIB PM please
  4. chainsolid

    Anyone edc a surefire?

    I carried E1L and E1D , good for all and my pocket
  5. chainsolid

    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    Surefire E1D , Best EDC
  6. chainsolid

    how many lumens do you reasly need

    Utility aroun 1000 Lumens EDC: 200-500 Lumens
  7. chainsolid

    What's your favorite or most used brand?

    For all my work : Fenix PD35TAC EDC: Surefire E1L , E1D
  8. chainsolid

    What are the reasons for carrying low-lumen lights?

    I carry E1L 40 Lumens for my work about IT Support , It good for label and some sticker
  9. chainsolid

    POLICE: How many lights do you carry on-duty?

    I talk with cop in Thailand, He have SIG SP320 and Streamlight TRL-7 and Surefire 6P change P60 to LED, Some COP use Fenix PD35 TAC
  10. chainsolid

    Coronavirus - II

    Thailand COVID-19 All ok- all mall open but social distancing and , All citizen we safe alway , Friend in USA , He want to go back to thailand
  11. chainsolid

    Test/review of GP ReCyko+ Pro AAA 800mAh (Black)

    Thank you for your review I'm looking battery for my electric screwdriver ( Xiaomi Wowstick)
  12. chainsolid

    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    I 'm using Surefire Lego for installed Server POE. My surefire can look for cable and connect it. upload
  13. chainsolid

    Surefire EDCL1-T

    I Have E1D, EDCL1-T,V1 Vampire and old E1L I like beamshot E1D verymuch and i use Power 2000 Battery
  14. chainsolid

    You only can have 2 flashlights which one do you choose ?

    One for EDC "Surefire E2D' can use for all situation Two 'Nitecore SRT3 "Emergency flashlight can use CR123A,RCR123A,AA Battery
  15. chainsolid

    Surefire Aviator 2017 thread

    I ‘ m looking for Aviator Model , I have E1D , How about beam shot between E1D and Aviator or Vampire
  16. chainsolid

    Which Surefire Should I Keep?

    For my Surefire I Keep E2D Ultra and E1D, And A2 Aviator 4 flat black
  17. chainsolid

    LiFePO4 16340's

    I 'm using Power2000 CR-123A LiFePO4
  18. chainsolid

    Why Surefire not continuing their Defender series?

    I have only 2 defender model E1D,E2D Ultra But E1D Discontinue too,