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  1. Edog006

    Acebeam W40 and W50

    Yeah emailed Acebeam multiple times about any release dates and radio silence like everyone else.. really hoping these drop within the next few weeks
  2. Edog006

    Starting up another batch of lights

    Any prices or specs you can share?
  3. Edog006

    Lemax LX70 Superpower HID Light

    Aweosme found them on the website! Also i own the AceBeam X70 and I think one of these lids may fit that too! Thanks!!
  4. Edog006

    Lemax LX70 Superpower HID Light

    Hi guys, Been a while for me since on CPF. I own the LEMAX LX70 Superpower. It is amazing. I am on a search & rescue team (SAR) and decided to purchase it last year. I’ve used it on several searches and built a custom 4 point chest harness using a modified assault rifle sling. happy to...
  5. Edog006

    Lemax LX70 Superpower HID Light

    Got my Lemax LX70 SP today and it is sitting next to me with the battery charging. The thing is massive and the case itself is the size borderline checked luggage. Which is awesome... Hoping this thing i'll be able to test out soon with some iphone 6s beamshots (sorry all i've got). It is also...
  6. Edog006

    Lemax LX70 Searchlight

    Just got my Lemax LX70 SuperPower today from Petr. I have it charging as we speak and will fire it up and try to get some decent (iPhone 6s all I got) beamshots and post. As far as the ballasts are concerned. I will be quite irked if for the price of this thing, the parts are not of the highest...
  7. Edog006

    Lemax LX70 Superpower HID Light

    I am likely to pull the trigger on a LX70 Superpower very soon. I have 'justified' its use as I am on a serach & resuce team. It will be good to let families know they have the maximum portable lumens being use to find their loved ones!
  8. Edog006

    Lemax LX70 Superpower HID Light

    Beamshots!? It's like endless appetizers up in here and I'm ready for the steak!!
  9. Edog006

    New X9 - When will it be available?

    Does any one have any idea of the throw?? 25K lumens is sick, but if it is a floody mess and cant get out there, I'd opt for less lumens and a deeper reflector.
  10. Edog006

    Nitecore TM15 and TM20

    Amped to see some beamshots!!!
  11. Edog006

    Is XM-L still the brightest LED available in flashlights?

    So now it's August 2012. Any word on newer more efficient LEDs that can say produce 2000 lumens in a small EDC package!?!?!
  12. Edog006

    Selfbuilt's 100-Yard Outdoor Beamshots *UPDATE SEPT 2010* - now 34 lights!

    Love it. Great work as always. I have an XM-L light and they are impressive LEDs. Amazing color temperature and flawless beam. They are a bit floody, but the massive output is worth it.
  13. Edog006

    Olight M21 first impression

    First of all great review.. I didn't realize the priority nor the ability of the M30 to trip traffic lights.. I will certainly try this in a safe remote location to see if it works. I was thinking about buying a SST-50, and I'm sure I will soon. But I have been out of the buyers market for...
  14. Edog006

    150W hid

    Does anyone have beamshots of this 150W HID or does it exist at the handheld level???
  15. Edog006

    Sold/Expired Pocket Rocket - 6th run SST-50 with 18650

    Wow! Im just seeing this thread now.. amazing... maybe I'll get down on Rd 7... Pocket Rocket sounds perfect for EDC, I have an Olight M30 which is phenomenal, but a little too big for EDC. This badboy might fill a niche in my flashlight collection... :twothumbs
  16. Edog006

    The biggest flashlight test from Russia

    Re: The biggest flashlight test from Russia Yes it is mighty impressive! I own one and output it is a monster. Construction wise be prepared for a little DIY. The manufacturing is not top notch. The lens is fragile, mine arrived cracked, however I got a custom glass lens from a local glass...
  17. Edog006

    The biggest flashlight test from Russia

    Re: The biggest flashlight test from Russia Megatorch shop selling Olight flashlights in Russia, but they have refused to participate in our tests. I will ask Olight owners in moscow forums. Awesome Alexey... I love my Olight and I want to see how Olight especially M30 as well as M20...
  18. Edog006

    The biggest flashlight test from Russia

    Re: The biggest flashlight test from Russia Simply put - Phenomenal!!! The more the merrier... agreed Surefire would be sweet too.. also Olight.. but already an amazing collection, keep up the great work!
  19. Edog006

    OMG Lumens EDC Project

    Agreed.... Sounds like to get the product just right waiting is better. Keep us apprised of all new activity be it the BT or your new "secret" project. I would like to be on that list as well! Good luck!
  20. Edog006

    Olight M30 Triton Review: RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOTS and more!

    Thanks for the info Cbxer55. I just hope I didn't discard the 18650 I did not sent back. BJ only asked I return the 18500, but I will give the strategy a shot to the 18650 if I can find it. I'll let everyone know if I get it to work/find it