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    Defensive use

    Back when I was going a lot of security work I used handheld lights a lot When guarding a building overnight lighting someone up from a football field away usually convinced them to go away and ment I had to do less paper work When bouncing one time we had about 20 dudes on each side squaring...
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    What light(s) is in your pocket today?

    Convoy S21A with SFT40 and a Thrum switchback on it
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    whats features mean the most to you in flashlights?

    Preaching to the choir here it's the reason I love my 4 mode convoys over my Hank lights.
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    Most 18650 Headlamps Just do not Last Long Enough

    The Fenix HP30R V2.0 has a remote battery pack that takes 2 21700 so that gets weight and size off your head and a run time on most modes measured in days puts paid to that concern. But in all seriousness I tried a couple of 18650 head lamps but found they didn't last long enough for all day...