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    like to find an indoor mounted pencil beam with a very narrow beam

    I have an application where I need to illuminate an approx 1" area. I would mount the led light on a fixed location to illuminate a fixed spot. the distance is about 36" and the spot is about 1" this needs to be a sharp focused beam Like illuminating a single gemstone. any ideas?
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    Phono Cartridge pencil beam

    Yes this is an unusual request. A new challenge. I would like to illuminate the exact spot shown in the photo when I am placing the needle on the record. I use a hand held flashlight now and would like to mount a light on the cabinet next to the turntable and project the light to this exact spot.
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    Phono Cartridge pencil beam

    Hi, yes this would be mounted on the cabinet next to where the turntable is. But no, this does not need to track the turntable arm. only illuminate the area where the stylus touches the record at the start. My old eyes have trouble seeing when I am dropping the stylus on the record at the start...
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    Phono Cartridge pencil beam

    Hi Everyone, My first post. I searched the forums but didnt see what I am looking for. I would like to find a very very small beam light that I can mount near my stereo and illuminate the exact area where my phono cartridge needle contacts the record when I am starting to play the record...