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    Opinions and long term impression of Nitecore Tube

    PWM flicker is strong at low levels... if you are sensitive to it. Low is a little too low for such a floody light. Mine has been reasonable reliable with light use, but the switch is getting soft. I prefer AAA format.. lumitop worm is good value edc.
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    4Sevens announces closure

    Preon provided some choices in flashlight colors. I have two "Burnt Orange" penlights and a red Preon 2. It would have been nice to have some diffuser cones to go along with the moonlight mode of the Quarks. Fenix cones do not fit the Quarks. Fenix low mode is a bit too bright for...
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    Top 5 AAA keychain flashlights of 2017.

    I picked up a few Lumintop Worms for $10 each. best bang for the buck that I have found and a choice of colors.
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    Your Oldest LED Flashlight?

    Garrity LED Aluminum Flashlight from Target in 2004ish. Nichia 5mm running off 3xAAA with a beam profile looking like the moon. I could use it as an electronic candle since the head could come off and just have an exposed LED. It was too floody for seeing my cat on the patio at night, so I...
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    4Sevens announces closure

    My first premium light was a Fenix (L0D) "Christmas" edition then got a L2D before David started 4Sevens. I loved the original batch of Quarks, and I went crazy buying clearance items during the "rebranding" sale. I must have picked up 7 models to LEGO together with different emitters, tints...
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    Give me an excuse to use my flashlights

    Preserve the lifespan of CFL bulbs by not turning them on for quick (less than 10 minute) uses. Looking under bed, closet, back of freezer Getting clothes together in the morning (high CRI lights) Nightlight (I use a warm Quark^2 moonlight mode) with a homemade diffuser Taking showers...
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    What did you do with your old Maglights?

    Minimags - 1 lux III and 2 XPe versions are sitting without batteries. they work great on fresh cells (except for low PWM flicker) but unreliable on non-fresh or NiMh cells. 2D - 1 Lux III (trashed after battery leak and took apart to clean switch). 2D - 1 XPE - sitting in car. like the big...
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    Some notes on reliability from a flashlight user

    Let me know when Malkoff and Surefire start making AA and AAA keychain lights! I have them in my pockets, around my neck and keychain. MagLite is the only brand I have given up on even though I like the overall concepts. My three Led MiniMags flicker on NiMh and my 2D was stopped working...
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    If you could only own 1 Fenix light, what would it be and why?

    LD01 - Best "keep around neck with lanyard under your shirt" light! Would love a nichia 219 version..
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    First purchase 2014?

    Taking a break for awhile. 75% of my lights go unused. I did buy a Core i7, but that is my original (more expensive) obsession. car: every 10 years computer: every 5 years flashlights: 40 - $50 is/was a reasonably affordable hobby
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    I have a PD32 UE, It is a nice forward clicky for on/off, but one must turn it on, change hand positions, find and the hold the side switch to active strobe. (not a strobe fan) but it seems like a tactic-cool feature and not useful. I really like the classic MagLite LED 2D interface even...
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    My E35 has turned on in my pocket several times. after I pulled out the 18650, it was 3.2v. now I have to lock it out. When I want to use it.. I need to use two hands to tighten, find the small side switch, and wait the 1/2 second to turn on. Overall.. Not the best experience. Did...
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    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    Lit up a driveway for the brutal beating of a pinata. Only had my Quark Turbo.. wish I had brought my PD32 UE.
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    I prefer the softer glow of the cone type to light a room instead of looking at a large hotspot on the ceiling.
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    Last purchase 2013

    FourSevens Prion 2 with Nichia 219B. L10 (3 mode) with a Nichia 219. (have a 4 mode version and got tired of the extra twisting) Five "9 Led/3 AAA" pack of lights for $7. came with 15 "Heavy Duty" AAA batteries that I can feed to my E01. Talked myself out of a TK21 that I saw on clearance.
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    Which LED Light Started it All?

    Garrity LED KEYLITE Keychain Light. Looks like a piece of chewing gum. Wanted an upgrade from my Maglite Solitaire.
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    Problem with LED mini mag...

    I pulled the little spring out of the tailcap and cleaned the underside of it with alcohol along with a sticking a cotton swab onto a pencil to get the + contact clean. I love the size/cost/utility of mine (got one for $4 at a target clearance) but found the issues too annoying to deal with...
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    Fenix E01 Impressive Runtime

    I want a D-cell based E01 (battery vampire) with maybe with a plastic LED diffuser cap to give it a candle like warm tint. Make it entirely out of plastic.. I wont care..
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    Problem with LED mini mag...

    My three LED minimags (2 are Rebel based) run terribly on NiMh/Eneloops. They are fine if freshly charged, but after a short time or sitting, they get stuck on low mode or flicker. The driver seems to want higher voltage during turn-on than rechargeable batteries deliver. I cleaned mine...
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    Single AA with moonlight - pick 2

    L3 Illumination L10 with Nichia 219. Great tint! moonlight is low but takes a lot to twisting to get to high mode. 4Sevens Quark Pro QPA (can tailstand) - always starts in moonlight or Max depending on if tightened. LI-ION support 4Sevens Quark Tactical QTA - choose two modes before having...