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    New Malkoff MDC in the works.

    Leave CPF for like 2 years, return to JUST TO browse out of bordom...end up with a Malkoff MDC SHO being shipped to my house. ...I hate you guys. :D
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    Knife Neophyte Needs Recommendation

    +1 for the Dragonfly 2. I've got the plainedge, and I love that little knife. Discreet, non-threatening, VG-10, and just plain good looking. If you're looking for cheaper, the Byrd Robin is almost exactly the same size, weight, shape/style -- but it uses 8cr13mov instead of VG-10 and there...
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    What kind of people are into flashlights?

    32 year old police officer and my wife is one as well. Always been into lights, knives, EDC gear as long as I can remember. My wife? Not so much, but she tolerates my hobby... She appreciates a good piece of gear, but doesn't see the need for a "collection". I'd rate us as well off, but...
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    P60 sized led drop-ins (part 3)

    Re: Confessions of a Cheap Drop-in Junkie... I have shifting addictions. All related to EDC gear. Lately it's been a fixation on fixed blade knives... Bought an ESEE Izula and a CRKT Minimalist... Now I want the other Izula colours and possibly a TOPS Hoffman Mini Harpoon... But the...
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    What light to carry on my wedding day?!

    I had to look up this thread, as I recently posted on a similar thread posted by another member about their wedding day and what to carry. It's funny, I erroneously posted that I carried my Streamlight Microstream, and I was quite sure that I did, but my post here indicates otherwise. It's all...
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    Classy & Elegant LED Light to Carry on Wedding Day?

    lol, I love these threads... I carried a Streamlight Microstream (1xAAA) on my (read: my WIFE'S) wedding day. This was discreetly carried in my INSIDE JACKET POCKET, out of view. Yes, she knew I had it :) I also carried a SOG Flash 1 - hanging loose in my pants pocket, also out of sight...
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    Surefire lens cracked after fall. Pics!

    As a Canadian SF customer, I thought I'd share my experiences. First one was a broken clip on an old C2 which I had already owned for about 7 years. I called, told SF that while carrying the light on-duty, I hadn't put it in my holster as usual and opted to clip it to an outer portion of my...
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    How many lumens for a camping light?

    I'm also camping in Northern Ontario two weeks from now (Kiosk, Algonquin). I'll be bringing a green lithium glotoob for lighting up my tent, and for general activities my HDS Tactical 170 -- programmed to give me the super low, a medium low, and the blast high (for fun and nothing else...
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    Nikon and Canon Factories for DSLR's are GONE! Suspend All Mfg.

    "We are currently endeavoring to normalize our business as early as possible through our BCM (Business Continuity Management)" Canon looks like they have suspended operations everywhere, but are also "taking steps"...
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    HDS Systems EDC flashlights (#12)

    Ouch. But 232US isn't as bad as what I initially thought.
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    HDS Systems EDC flashlights (#12)

    Yeah, I was put off it at first, was going to go custom just to get the SS bezel on the 170, but when I saw some enlarged pictures of the altin black with the lettering on it (looks almost yellowish in the pictures?), I thought it looked sick!
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    HDS Systems EDC flashlights (#12)

    $300 for the LX2?! How did that happen? I bought my LX2 a few weeks after they were released for $170USD from an Ebay dealer...
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    Ra / HDS Clicky burst mode enable / disable poll

    As posted in another thread, I didn't wait. :paypal: for the 170T. GAH, I hate you all... :) I can always buy the new one in 6 months... In the meantime I'll have the 170T to enjoy. I also don't own any lights with the Osram emitter...
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    HDS Systems EDC flashlights (#12)

    Just did it! After days of sweating, reading reviews, manuals, debating for damn near half a day just over what color bezel to buy... Pulled the paypal trigger on a stock 170T with its included black bezel. This will be my first HDS light amongst a legion of Surefire's that I already own...
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    Ra / HDS Clicky burst mode enable / disable poll

    Bah, she's just happy it's down to 1-2 a year. [Edit] And a couple of knives... <cough>. All said, I don't think $500-600 per year is too expensive for a light/knife hobby (fetish?)... At least I don't collect handguns. lmao
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    Ra / HDS Clicky burst mode enable / disable poll

    There is a good chance I won't wait -- I've successfully limited myself to 1-2 QUALITY lights a year (last purchase was a SF LX2 over 12 months ago)... So it's actually been over a year since I've bought a light. I stopped buying disappointing lights once every few months a long time ago...
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    Ra / HDS Clicky burst mode enable / disable poll

    This is fantastic news. The only thing causing my hesitation to buy a 170T is the burst mode feature. I think after time I would get used to it (like everyone seems to say, you hardly notice it anyway, and the reasoning behind having a burst mode certainly makes sense), but as someone said...
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    Ra Clicky (HDS Systems EDC) - Part 11

    Thanks! The pictures show the "defects" quite nicely. (Am I allowed to call them defects, or will that anger more people?) Anyway, TO ME defects of that nature aren't considered serious enough to not buy a light - not given the reputation HDS seems to have. But I won't knock others for...
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    Ra Clicky (HDS Systems EDC) - Part 11

    Oh, I'm aware of this. All my lights are used, not shelf queens. But for the price HDS charges, I certainly want to know how much of a flaw this is. People on here tend to exaggerate flaws greatly. I mean, if we're talking about the head of the light noticeably tilted a few degrees in...
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    Ra Clicky (HDS Systems EDC) - Part 11

    Can someone take a picture to show what this "slightly misaligned bezel" is?