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    Muyshondt Aeon Mk1 replacement

    I have been getting an error message trying to reply for a few days...hope this works. I would love to fix it, could send it in and see what he can do. No idea where/what part failed. Have done all the cleaning and fiddling I’m comfortable with. Thank you all for such thoughtful replies...
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    Muyshondt Aeon Mk1 replacement

    I’ve been away from the flashlight game for years. I started falling out of love when the Ti Pd-s and the original haiku from mcGizmo stopped being available. All the multi click UI thin aluminum bodies and brightness at the expense of everything kinda turned me off. I want to get back in...
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    RIP Arc-aaa

    Hey Everyone, Thanks for all the suggestions and we'll wishes. It has been a long time since I was active here. I had completely forgotten about my mcgizmo Sapphire which has been put back into duty replacing the Arc. Did peak ever figure out the issues with the qtc? It worked OK on the...
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    RIP Arc-aaa

    Well, after I don't even know how many years on my Keychain, my old Arc-aaa stopped working. It has survived countless attempts on its coveted edc role by smaller, bigger, brighter, flashier, cheaper, pricier a d prettier, but poop, man... That little fella just kept being the best at what it...
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    500 Lumen - AAA Flashlight (photos) - Work In Progress - Part 2

    I'm pretty unreasonably excited right now. This is pretty much the only light on my "buy" radar right now!
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    Sold/Expired FS: Overready M2-50, Quad XPG, HID PRICE DROPS

    Looks like the QUAD is SPF. I had multiple PMs, but the first unconditional "i'll take it was as above." Sorry for those who I was in communication with that showed interest, but the first "I'll take it" has to rule, per forums custom.
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    Help for a camcorder newbie?

    Hi all, I need some help, and was scared off by the camcorder forums I've seen. Here's the deal: I was given a camcorder (mini-dv) about 6 years ago. I need to replace it, and QUICKLY. ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL SPECS: $300 or under, NO ROOM TO BUDGE. (additional accessories, memory, etc can be...
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    IDC: which do you Carry at home, InDoors?

    Mcgizmo sapphire is on a Belt loop, and if I'm wearing pants, it's on me (other than suit pants at work, when its a Aeon, in which case it's replaced when I change in the evening). I also USUALLY have a bigger light (rotary 200) with me as well at home.
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    Custom Forged Damascus Utility Knife - SOLD

    Just wanted to jump in here when I saw your note on the TSA rules and slip-joints...didn't the TSA go back on that decision? I think all blades are once again banned. I could be (HOPE I AM!!!) wrong, though!!Oh, by the way, this is a fantastic little piece you just sold!
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    Sold/Expired FS: Overready M2-50, Quad XPG, HID PRICE DROPS

    In good user shape, see use marks below. The pic below is the only one I have. It has a zero res on it (not matching), and a bored 6p body. Head alone I'll let go for 100. Or 150 for the whole light. Shipping CONUS is included. Also for sale is a Quad XPG, I do not recall the maker, the...
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    Sold/Expired FS: TiCN Muyshondt Nautilus

    OMG somebody please, please buy this already! I was restructured out of a job a while back and while I'm rebuilding finances, I made a promise to myself to curtail light spending. PLEASE don't make me break a promise to myself! Oh, and here's a bump for you, I guess....beautiful light.
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    Sold/Expired Titanium Aeon Mk. II

    Thanks, man. Didn't mean to be a pity-partier. I'm working again on a project basis, just don't have the kind of steady income/consistent "extra" that I can justify this type of purchase. The three speed does indeed make my "best" EDC get really, really close to my idea of the "perfect" edc.
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    Sold/Expired Titanium Aeon Mk. II

    Wanna know the really sad thing? One of the very top reasons that I am upset about being restructured out of a job a few months back is the fact that I couldn't get in on this run. I just hope that once the cash-flow has become more stable, someone decides to put one of these up on the...
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    HDS Systems EDC # 16

    Hey all, didn't want to bother Henry again on this, but anyone heard anything about the clips for the rotary?
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    Original Ra Clicky Issue

    Well you know my answer. The answer is smoke a 97 fundadore and think about it a little more! Seriously though, UPGRADE!!!
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    Help modding light for a friend....

    Lol, OK, first problem is that I can not get the damned thing open for the life of me! Will try again later...
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    Help modding light for a friend....

    I hadn't seen that, thank you!! THat build might be a bit more than I want to try for my first HID build, but I appreciate it! I think I'll give the 55W build a shot, sticking to the original battery for now, and see how it goes. WIsh me luck!
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    Help modding light for a friend....

    Thanks BVH! Sorry, I have some skills, just never worked in the HID/spotlight world, and was nervous that I'd get great recommendations that were beyond my abilities. What you've described sounds like it's within my skills. The only parts that give me a little pause are matching the bulb base...
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    Help modding light for a friend....

    Nobody has any suggestions? I was sure some of our resident big-gun experts would have some easy upgrades to recommend...