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  1. degarb

    Please Recommend a 4000K-4100K High-CRI *Throwy/Spot* Headlamp

    I need 4000 lux for 8 hours at least. Will settle for 3000 candela. 2500 is too dim to work with. I am not navigating, but inspecting at up to 2 meters.
  2. degarb

    Please Recommend a 4000K-4100K High-CRI *Throwy/Spot* Headlamp

    I only see a single aa 20 thurnite and a floody 30 18650
  3. degarb

    Fenix HP25R vs. HP16R Headlamp

    Has anyone compared these 2? It looks like one is a single 18650 sst and one a 21700 xpg3 S4. A few reports that the mid flood mode broke on the hp25r. The candela looks higher on the single 18650 luminus sst. Fenix lied about the runtime on high with the hr30r 2p18650, which gets a half...
  4. degarb

    My experience with mega corded lights

    I have been using 40,000 lumens(2000 watts) for work lights since 1992, starting at 10,000 in the Spring of 1990. In 2012, I graduated to a 40,000 lumen metal halide, plus 30,000 lumens (Lowell total plus, halogen). In 2014 I graduated to a 1000 watt, electronics blasted 120,000 lumen light...
  5. degarb

    Please Recommend a 4000K-4100K High-CRI *Throwy/Spot* Headlamp

    I prefer throwy headlamps, because they can be run at a lower wattage, with 10 hour runtime at the highest possible lux and lumens. My goal is now 1000 lux at 2 meters, with the best possible efficient in the driver, heat sink, led choice a 2s18650 is a good choice for a worklight, and I have...
  6. degarb

    Fenix HP25R review

    I bought the hp30r v2. They claimed 12 hour runtime on the full work day runtime setting, but it only gets 6.66 hours. Fenix does not actually physically test the runtime, but do some math. They screwed up all of the runtimes by about 5 to 20 percent. But, was an obvious math error that had...
  7. Hp30r specs and real runtime MsPaint v1 (1).jpg

    Hp30r specs and real runtime MsPaint v1 (1).jpg

  8. degarb

    What about the Fenix HP30R v2.0

    Hp30r v2 double high runtime step down duration test: 7:32 am start... 7:34 still full lux.... 7:40 am already stepped down (55%)!!! Conclusion: The mode stepped down before 12 minutes. All of the turbo modes (turbo, double turbo, double high mode) probably step down in like 3, 5, or 10...
  9. degarb

    What about the Fenix HP30R v2.0

    Low runtime test: 4.13 v and 4.15 v. 38 ma ( from the serial 7.4 V), initially. I predict 111.8 hours 4.66 days, 4 days and 15 hours and 50 minutes. (If I wish the endish death around 8 pm, I will need to begin the test at 5 am. 4 days later at 6pm to 8pm, it should be dying and will need to...
  10. degarb

    What about the Fenix HP30R v2.0

    your brain uses awareness of what it's seeing to "adjust" the scene, and cameras just aren't that smart — yet. Better post explanation at:
  11. degarb

    What about the Fenix HP30R v2.0

    The human eye (brain, actually, which is why the eye is better at it than cameras) white balances with great alacrity--which is why a wide spread of Kelvin temperatures can be normalized to look neutral to the eye. But I guess I need to research a bit on how quickly it fully white balances...
  12. degarb

    What about the Fenix HP30R v2.0

    Here is what is behind the 4 screws on the back of the hp30r v2. T-6 screws, nicely o ringed, nice big o-ring, nice thermal putty I peeled back to show the heat slug. There is an odd spring that is loose. I patted back the thermal putty, put the o-ring in the groove and resealed it up...
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  20. degarb

    Fenix Mod advice, please

    I am attaching photos of the what is behind the 4 screws, as deep as I feel comfortable going. It takes a t 6, nice o rings on each screw. A nice shaped big o ring that too patience getting back in the groove. Some weird spring that is loose in one of pictures. A beefy heat slug covered by...