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    Petzl IKO modifications

    I'd like to add a small plug to the existing battery pack of my Petzl Iko in order to have the ability to plug in a battery pack containing 3 AA (as opposed to AAA batteries). I have such a battery pack from an old Petzl Myobelt headlamp. I see no issues with this (apart from voiding the...
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    Petzl Myo disrupts my Casio watch

    When camping I often hold the light head of my Petzl Myo against the face of my watch, an electronic Casio Oceanus. This energises the lume on the watch very efectively. I did this last weekend and this must have disrupted my watch as the hands were in wacky positions, etc. The manual for the...
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    Petzl NAO - high-tech headlamp review.

    I have a NAO and I'm thinking of making an external battery pack for CR123 or maybe AA cells for 'off grid' use. Anyone know the max voltage that can safely be fed to the terminals in the battery holder? On ebay there are 3.7V output DC-DC converters which accept 8V-20V in. I was thinking of...
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    Maximun voltage for an ixon IQ speed

    I would like to power my Ixon IQ Speed with disposable 1.5V nominal lithium AA cells. I understand these can have an initial voltage as high as 1.8V when new and then quickly drop to 1.6V. The IQ speed is sold with a 5 cell Nimh battery and I understand that this light is regulated. My question...