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    Small torch recommendations

    Being realistic its probably 25 meters or less and I need just a straight one that I can point downwards due to me working in live traffic lanes so as not to dazzle it needs to be short in length as I wear other bits of kit and my current one is too long at 100mm so gets in the way the E18R is...
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    Small torch recommendations

    I knew someone was gonna ask this so the torch would be clipped to my jacket to illuminate myself while working and also used for searching for things at say 100 meters ish and looking were I'm going etc and illuminating a work area say for changing a tyre or working on a vehicle needs to be...
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    Small torch recommendations

    Hi all I'm looking for a new torch for work I need something small that I can clip to my work jacket so I've been looking at the fenix E18R as this seems to fit the bill unless anyone can recommend anything better that's around the same size ? Thanks
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    Spoilt for choice

    Hi all I have decided to treat myself to a new torch for work im currently using a ultrafire wf502b its been a good torch but im looking for something better and similar in size but maybe a bit more powerful for general use nothing fancy just maybe high med low and strobe modes i have been...