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    The Official Zebralight Thread .

    I lost my SC64c LE, so I ordered another today. I saw that they have a new model but it was back ordered. That is probably old news to you guys though. I am wondering if I should get the SC65c when it comes back in stock. While I was on Z's site, I took a peak at my account history. Fourteen...
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    The Official Zebralight Thread .

    Just ordered a couple of SC64c LE 18650 lights. I’ve been carrying an 18650 ZL since the SC60 of some sort. Didn’t even look at anything else. I sure am glad Zebralight has stuck around. Quirky company. Great light.
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    ok i finnaly have a flashlight brand im loyal to

    Just a couple of days. I did order another last Friday and it was delivered Tuesday. I did notice that status changed from "in stock" to " backordered" after I ordered it Friday. I live in Tulsa and it is usually a short delivery time from Zebralight though. Having said all that, I decided to...
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    The Official Zebralight Thread .

    Which is the best battery these days for the SC64c LE? I still have a few of those red Sanyo 10A cells that Zebralight sells. I know the 64 is picky about its battery and needs unprotected. So if I were to pick up a couple more cells dedicated to the 64, which would you all purchase?
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    The Official Zebralight Thread .

    The SC64c LE is out of stock again, but not before I grabbed three. I received two yesterday in the mail and my spydie senses started tingling, so I ordered another and got a shipping notice. I just looked and they’re gone.
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    SC64c. I lost my SC64c.
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    ok i finnaly have a flashlight brand im loyal to

    Yep, Zebralight rocks. I think I lost my sc64c that I have been using. I have been getting by with my SC60, my first ZL, until I could find my 64. I ended up ordering myself another SC64c which arrived today. I am wondering if I should order a couple more.
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    What Flashlights Take The 10440?

    What up Kreisl. Yeah, over the years they have all quit working or have been lost. If I knew then what I know now, I would have bought a dozen of them. I will look into the K18. The Preons get pretty hot too on high. They default to low when clicked on but I can quick click to high for short...
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    What Flashlights Take The 10440?

    Yeah, I wasn't sure if I wanted to start a whole new thread or just revive this one. I did a quick google search on your suggestions and didn't come up with much. I am not quite the flashaholic I once was, so I am not wanting to spend a ton. I see some gen 1 preons on ebay that will handle...
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    What Flashlights Take The 10440?

    Hey all, I am quoting myself for context. I have been carrying a Preon for years using a 10440. 4sevens had a run of warms that I purchased about five of. I am now down to my last warm head. Any AAA flashlights out there that work with 10440s these days? Warm temp preferred. Edit** I also carry...
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    Zebralight SC64c

    If it is 800 lumens(SC64c) vs 1400 lumens(SC64w), I would be fine with the difference. The SC62c was 320 lumens vs around 900 lumens for the SC62w, which was a lot. I will probably get both the SC64c and w eventually.
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    Zebralight SC64c

    Man, I am getting more and more excited about this light as time passes. Here are my thoughts at the moment. Has there been any confirmation on the body style of the SC64? Any pics that I might have missed? I am also wondering about the size of the hotspot on this one. I own the SC62c and the...
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    ZL SC600 IV, SC64, H600 IV, H604 full family revealved

    Having not bought a flashlight in a couple of years and also having thinned out the herd, I am ready for a new light. And seeing that the SC6x series is my favorite and most used form factor and that I buy everything in the series that ain’t cool white, The SC64w and SC64c will be mine. Can’t...
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    Zebralight SC64c

    Give me some thermal regulation and I'll be in for a couple. :party::party:
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    Zebralight SC600Fd III Plus - XHP50

    I purchased the 20-25 mm silicone diffusers from fasttech but that was for the SC6x series. Not glow in the dark though.
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    Should I be scared my Acebeam K70 might explode?

    Glad you are safe rickypanecatyl and thanks for sharing. I have the K70 and gave it a look over. My springs are centered but I will definitely watch for this. I gave a decent effort to remove the tail cap but it wouldn't budge. I'll leave it like that and always unscrew the head. Did yours...
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    Zebralight SC600 MK III Hi or Plus?

    I own both and I think I like the Hi more but I use the Plus more. Quite a bit more actually.
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    Noctigon Meteor M43

    Yep. My favorite. Thinking about getting another.
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    Zebralight SC62w or SC600w Mk III Hi - Your Preference

    Thanks for the heads up on ZL putting them back up on their site. They show "Out of Stock" at the moment. I'll keep an eye open for them to restock.