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    ISO LIKE NEW CONDITION SOLARFORCE L2T whole unit or just the L2T body

    someone on the big famous auction site selling a L2T stainless steel but is asking for A LOT of money. Like over 4x the original price.
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    Sold/Expired Surefire 6P Patriotic Red/White/Blue Brand New in Packaging

    crap. I should have skipped dinner. jkl, nice grab.
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    WTT: HDS 18650 rotary flush tube for tactical raised

    tube in very good condition. No scratch, no ding, no dent. Very slight wear on the black ano.
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    [WTB] Solarforce!

    I have new P1D.
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    Sold/Expired Surefire 6P with Malkoff clicky

    I will take it. Need your PP id.
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    Sold/Expired WTS - HDS Rotary Tactical

    I wish Henry has a database lookup by serial number.
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    Sold/Expired WTS - HDS Rotary Tactical

    which led and color temp does it have?
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    WTB - P60 drop-in for Surefire 9P Single Mode

    Re: WTB - P60 drop-in for Surefire 9P most of the kd dropins are 9v capable. i got one with a single samsung led, mm, 3-9v.
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    The Manker E14III - an update that defies both physics and economics….

    I must not know the new LEDs much but the numbers they publish really have my head scratching. Can someone explain? 18350, 1100mAh battery putting out 4000lm for 55 min. From Samsung website, the lh351d puts out 515lm at 1050ma. this thing has 4 of them so I suppose you need 2A to drive 1 to...
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    Right-angle light with magnetic base to be left in a car

    I found the Nicron N90 on Amazon. Smooth swivel head from straight to 90 degrees, 6 modes, magnet base, 18650 battery, clip but no lanyard hole, big bunch of cw light, though light quality is not very good. Best of all, less than $20. I think it was $14, I bought it at $16, now at $17. It is...
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    Flashlight parts, tools, Hinderer knife screws - All Free

    I like to get the followings if still available. Drop in, LED, quad die? , brass body, with spring. Drop in adapter rings. for adapting Surefire style drop ins to 18650 lights. Empty film cannisters, new. Packs of 5. (I really only need a couple of them) What's the address for postage helper?
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    Vapcell Gold 14500 issue

    they are both button top.
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    How good are laptop 18650 batteries for basic use?

    you can use a brute force and not very scientific method if you did not do some prep work. charge up all the batteries and put them in the intended use flashlight. Leave light on high and start clocking it until light goes out. Then throw away those that does not last long enough. Because...
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    Vapcell Gold 14500 issue

    I bought a couple of these 1000mah 14500 gold vapcell. They are supposed to be high drain (3A). I have been using them on several lights without issue. However, I recently tried them on a couple of old lights and some weird things happened. 1. Nitecore D11.2. light comes on high and no...
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    P60 sized led drop-ins (part 3)

    Can you please do me a favor? Find an ultra quiet indoor place and toggle through all the modes to see if you get any whining sound. I bought a couple of the KD dropins a couple years ago and they whine except at the highest mode. Want to see if they've improved their drivers.
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    P60 sized led drop-ins (part 3)

    That's exactly what I am looking for. I looked at this option but unfortunately I don't use Solarforce P60 dropins. I have seen some police using a handheld search flashlight with no hotspot and it lit up a big area like daylight with a hard cut at the edge. Does anyone know what they are?
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    P60 sized led drop-ins (part 3)

    So I have been searching high and low for a flashlight with no hotspot. Since I have a bunch of empty Solarforce hosts, I naturally was also looking for a P60 dropin. No luck. Closest I could get was a triple or quad mule but then get like 3 or 4 circles of light partially overlapping. Looks...