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    Why I won't be buying a SureFire U2

    Re: Why I won\'t be buying a SureFire U2 Raven, many of us have got quite a few surefires already. But we didn't say they were so expensive and they were made in USA too. But this time we say it's SO expensive, it has nothing to do with where it is made.
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    U2 (or any long anticipated product) thoughts

    [ QUOTE ] AluminumOvercast said: I want to point something out about EDC. In a few posts here, I've read how some think the U2 isn't EDC'able. Remember those good ol days when the "E" series didn't come out and no one bitched about a 6P or even the M2 as a problem for carry. Boy are we...
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    Why I won't be buying a SureFire U2

    Re: Why I won\'t be buying a SureFire U2 One more thing, it does not look good to me. Some surefireholics got nervous here by this post, hah? I even noticed the word "hostility". Calm down, dude! I am a surefireholic too, ok?
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    Why I won't be buying a SureFire U2

    Re: Why I won\'t be buying a SureFire U2 Good post, Ginseng. I do not have the intention to buy one. But I do have the intension to recieve one as a gift. It's too expensive for me and for its brightness.Plus, what do i need an adjustable light for? Ok, 2 levels may be cool, but 6, I don't...
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    what are you listening to

    Nightwish.(century child/wishmaster/oceanborn/angels fall first)
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    Arc Flashlight Going Out of Business

    I'm so sad to hear this Peter. Don't know what to say. Thank you everyone at ARC for your hard work and the products, we all flashaholics will remember you and cherish your lights forever. I wish you Peter, Merri and all the ARC employees the best of luck. Hope one day I can see ARC rise again.
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    HERO Jet Li

    [ QUOTE ] nerdgineer said: Oh, by the way, I should have mentioned that while it has subtitles, it kind of helps if... you speak Mandarin Chinese.... [/ QUOTE ] If you did, that would totally ruin the mood, believe me!
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    9/11 Pentagon Conspiracy?

    You know what they say? ----Impossible is NOTHING!!!
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    HERO Jet Li

    This movie was seriously criticized, it seemed they thought it was too commercial, too empty, the dialogues were a joke, it was no more than a MTV perhaps. The director never has his own formed style, every of his movies is of different style, so he's not popular among the experts and the...
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    whats ya fav band?

    Metallica, Cranberries,Heart...
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    Stupid Chicken Pluckers

    They gotta be kicked as how they kicked.
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    The Chinese century

    thanks for the link!
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    good weapon for protection?

    More guns only make life less safe! Seen Michael Moore's documentary?
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    digital camera

    Yup, what do you wanna use it for?
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    Anti-terrorist Plan

    Is this anti-terrorist activity or terrorist activity itself?
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    Surefire Ultra 2 information??

    When? By the end of this year. U didn't know that?!
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    waterproof surefire A2

    The tailcap is not a problem, I kind of worry about the lens which might leak. My a2 porcupine leaked from the lens.
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    Favorite Movies

    How about The Last Samurai? I like it.
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    Recommend A DVD Player To Me

    For hifiholic,Pioneer;for others, Panasonic.My 2 lumens.
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    When did you know you were a flashaholic?

    When I bought another SF I didn't need.