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    Thrunite Archer V2 (XP-L V6 Cool or XP-G2 Neutral) 1A, 2A, 1C, 2C Series Overview

    selfbuilt, Thanks for the Nice Review! Wow, I don't understand is this thread is about reviewing or What. that being said, I bought an 1A V2 CW around 1 month ago, & It work Fantastically Well! I wanted update from my Fenix LD10 x something Better & I did, just that simple. I must be the...
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    ReviewTheLight: Thrunite Ti3 (1xAAA, 150+ lumens!)

    There's no need for it, I'm pretty happy the way it is. Thanks again.
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    ReviewTheLight: Thrunite Ti3 (1xAAA, 150+ lumens!)

    As always I appreciate the review Bigmac. I think that for the price you can't go wrong with this small light. I'm a bit sceptical about the lumens, My doubt start when a compare this Thrunite Ti3 with my Fenix ld 10. The fenix ld 10 have a better spill and more powerful hot spot.:thinking:
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    Olight ST25 Baton,550Lm,2xAA,XM-L2- Review,Beamshots

    Thanks for the Nice Review, I was wondering if the tail switch of the 25 ST baton is or can be compatible with the S15 baton? Thanks so much in advance.
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    ReviewTheLight: Nitecore SRT3 Defender

    Thanks for the nice Review Bigmac. I was wondering if notice any jiggling, play when you use the AA battery..... compared with the CR123? Thanks a lots.
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    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    Spying on the wall for repairs.:devil:
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    A set of lights for a world downfall.

    Agree with this! Not all the alkaline battery "aa & aaa" are build the same.....:shakehead My normal alkaline battery shelf life go beyond ten years:sssh:
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    Disaster! flashlight

    Mine are few years old, I don't remember where I get them from. Sorry. BTW, the color is on blue side
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    Disaster! flashlight

    Great Thread. I'm glad that AA, AAA batteries still get a huge margin of recognition. I like to point out battery adapters which they work great, disaster or not. Battery Adapter - Size Converter Kits - Convert from AAA to AA and from C to D size..ect. not costly at all & they can save the day.
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    How many lumens is your edc?

    LD10 R5 enough for me for EDC + for solo fishing & camping too.
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    Zebralight SC52 (XM-L, 1xAA, 1x14500) Review: RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOTS, VIDEO and more!

    I still have hard time to understand how powerful wise it's this light, considering the high tech and the small battery apply it in to it. I appreciate the review.
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    Streamlight Sidewinder Compact II Review

    What I was looking for, GREAT info, I appreciate Thanks!
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    Looking for any info on streamlight compact II. After reading this useful review, I was wondering if any of you guys own the new streamlight compact II? So far I understand, that the new one can take on the...
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    EDC - What's in Your Pocket(s)?? Third Edition

    Yep, why you own the same one?
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    Fenix LD12 and LD22

    Nice thread. I still not get if the ld22 is superior to the predecessor ld20? I wonder, if rear rubber switch will be fine for extended use or with time can degrade quickly? I have my co-workers ask me all sort of questions after the saw my ld20 r5. Should I recommend my co-workers (3) to buy...