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    Please tell me this is available for less!

    Edison Light. For $75 even with a BOGO deal it seems pricey. Nice but I don't think so. Anyone know of something similar? I like the Steampunk feel. Maybe I should setup a Group Buy? I'd rather find something similar for $30, buy 1 🧐 It has been a while since I've coordinated a GB. If there is...
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    Remote Cameras?: Trail Cams-SD card, Bluetooth or Cell; Reolink-cell security.

    Sounds good 👍🏼 I bit the bullet [I hope, not a dum-dum] on two Tasco 12MP from Wal-Mart. For entry level, they get decent reviews and footage on YouTube. I'll set them up at house for a few weeks. Then play at sites out and about. I'm starting with an Energizer and eventually upgrade to...
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    Remote Cameras?: Trail Cams-SD card, Bluetooth or Cell; Reolink-cell security.

    Thanks Kitrobaskin! I and my family generally use MVNOs. If I go cell I would probably try EIOT, a prepaid data only provider. My best service comes from Verizon overall, AT&T is a close 2nd. I left out that I live off grid, oops, no WiFi at home. Only cell service for last 22 or so years...
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    the perfect light dont exist maybe it wont ever

    Sorry, my heart stopped for a moment 😲 Not having just 3 lights, going with, or carrying 3 lights? Right? I usually only carry 2 or 3 lights. On my person. A few more if I have my pack. I agree you have to carry a minimum of 2 lights. 1 low power, smaller light, for dark navigation. 1 higher...
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    Remote Cameras?: Trail Cams-SD card, Bluetooth or Cell; Reolink-cell security.

    I live somewhat remotely, in a rural area. I'd like to know more about who comes on to our property. Convenience and cost are more important than immediate knowledge. Our "driveway" runs a mile south, from a County Road, along the west side of "hayfield". About an ⅛ of a mile South of the...
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    KLARUS Mi7 COLOURFUL Giveaway!

    Mi7, I love the Glacial Blue most!
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    12V Battery Pack help for CPAP At $259, it looks OK. I'd rather have a 12V Accessory outlet {Cigarette Lighter}. This is better for single purpose use though. OnAmazon, a bit more, would be nice to have Mah to compare
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    12V Battery Pack help for CPAP

    See updated opening post. In 6 years there have to be many more options :tired::thinking:
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    [SARCASM] GOOD DEAL[/SARCASM] WOW Three Headlamps in one

    New 3000 Lumens XM-L XML 3 x T6 LED Headlamp :eek: Only $25 Batteries (2x 18650) not included The monstrosity pictured caught my eye. Had to share it here. I hope it isn't a high quality light that I'm misjudging by price and look. Must come with a combination light up lamb gun of some sort...
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    *NEW* Fenix HL23 - 1x AA, max 150 lumens

    It looks about perfect for my needs. When is it going to be available???
  11. Wits' End

    *** FENIX UC 40 UE *** Thoughts and Experiences

    Ditto both of these. But my big question Has anyone figured how to select/keep strobe going? Not in limited Owner's Manual or any place else I've found. Any thoughts welcome :)
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    How Full is Your Glass?

    Thanks Norm :thumbsup: I stop in now and then. But my current endeavors don't allow me the time, that I used to have, online:ohgeez: While I appreciate, REALLY APPRECIATE, all the positive full glass comments. I was hoping for humor :) So, please keep all comments coming. Funny to go...
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    Google Map for Candlepowerforum Members

    I put the marker about 2 miles from my house. Only about 2 dozen houses, in that circle. It gets dark out here :)
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    How Full is Your Glass?

    The typical Optimist/Pessimist question. Is the glass half full or half empty? My favorite reply is "The glass is twice as big as it needs to be" :) However I was listening to a [Sir] Terry Pratchett Discworld book, unfortunately I don't recall the title. He said [any error in the quote is...
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    Looking for 2 AA, specific needs, desires

    Right now I'm leaning toward the Quark Turbo. The EagleTac is a close runner. I have two points favoring the QT between these two similar lights. 1st is David-4Sevens, he has brought his company up and I think deserves my support. 2nd is what one comparison I looked at said was a few more...
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    Looking for 2 AA, specific needs, desires

    OK, I pulled the 4 mentioned lights, [plus a few alternates from 4Sevens] With 4Sevens get 25% off on purchases over $100, all are in same ballpark. I'm going to print these specs and take it home to look over. I've had limited experience with warm lights-color ☺, so far I prefer cool white for...
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    Looking for 2 AA, specific needs, desires

    I'm posting, because I haven't been around much lately. Life happens and a satisfaction with the lights I have and a rapidly changing LED flashlight market/manufacturing/technology, it really makes my head spin [sometimes literally-life w/ mild vertigo ☺]. I'll give my parameters first, below...
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    Suggestions for a "simple" Lightsaber

    I forgot to post This I first saw this from a link on CPF years ago. Doing this gift for Christmas, how could I resist?
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    Suggestions for a "simple" Lightsaber

    I want to make a simple and reasonably inexpensive lightsaber for one of my sons for Christmas. Other than lighting up, I want him to be able to spar with his older brother, who is using a Cold Steel Training Sword . After looking around I found all sorts of methods for making lightsabers...
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    New NetBook-Questions

    No problem Veedo. My NB has 1GB and is only upgradeable to 2, after removing the 1 :) So I'm waiting to see how my performance is with 1. I think I can upgrade for about $20 US, but it goes against my cheep factor to be stuck with the extra stick.