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    I'm sure they could. But it would have to be a massive number of units before they even consider bothering to do so.
  2. Monocrom

    Is PK now working for Jetbeam?

    Have to respectfully disagree. The Flashaholic bug bit down HARD on me at that period in time. I was on a buying spree. (Helped by the fact that back then I had an excellent-paying job.) With the vast majority being SureFire and Streamlight models. No contest in terms of quality. Streamlight was...
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    The Malkoff Front Porch

    Well, that's unfortunate.
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    Keeppower Protection Circuit Issue

    Naw.... Women are much more dangerous if you don't handle them right during PMS time. Worse thing a flashlight can do is explode in your face. Tame, by comparison.
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    Back after a long while. Didn't we used to have a weapon light forum?

    With a handgun? Bad idea.
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    Back after a long while. Didn't we used to have a weapon light forum?

    People can make up their own minds. On a personal note, if it was mine; I'd only be looking at SureFire or Streamlight options. Not sure regarding Modlite. But anything sold by the scumbag owners of Cloud Defense, I sure as Hell wouldn't trust my Life to any light they had a hand in creating.
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    Back after a long while. Didn't we used to have a weapon light forum?

    The IR option is a gimmick, in my opinion. But I do like the rest of the light. Especially how it's activated. Reminds me of the switches on the older Inova weapon (handgun) lights. Good luck tracking down those nowadays! So, overall the Olight is a good option. Though on a compact pistol, with...
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    Recommend a practical LEP.

    Be sure to order extra Nitecore batteries for your P35i. The i means that a particular model will only work with the Nitecore proprietary battery made for it. No "i" designation means it'll work with ANY 18650 or 21700 from any brand you put into it.
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    Knife Chatter. Show and Tell!

    Very lovely.
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    Naw.... All you need is a 2nd job.
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    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    Went to work last night. About to check the Pedestrian gate near the West wall to make sure it was locked up good & proper. Just got out of my car, I see a familiar one pull into the lot. Driver sees me, and slowly pulls a u-turn right back out the gate as I stand there making sure he sees me...
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    Help me understand the popularity of the TS10

    I have no vindictive Ex-girlfriends whom I'd want to "gift" that to this Holiday season. ;)
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    Celluar phone photography-boon or bane?

    That's a particularly good one.
  14. Monocrom

    Help me understand the popularity of the TS10

    Cheap and fun to play with. Where else are you going to get that?.... Other than the street corner in certain neighborhoods. I'd rather have AUX than VD. ;)
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    Gear Haulers- you've got the gear, what do you carry it in?

    I think I actually have more bags of every sort than I have gear.
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    Is PK now working for Jetbeam?

    Forget Amazon. They always get the specs. wrong.
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    Who Makes The Rambo R140?

    Sounds good. Just give me a couple of days to properly box one of them up, and send it out to you. Again, their boxes are in terrible shape; and Batteries Not Included.
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    Maglite led upgrade

    Exactly! I recall right before Brexit there was talk regarding financially bailing out Greece. And, I mean completely doing so. With Britain handing over the vast majority of monetary aid. The Prime minister even considered it. But mentioned that Greece would have to meet certain stipulations...
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    Maglite led upgrade

    Actually, it does. Bexit was one nation's rejection of World Wide, multi-nation Socialism. One in which the E.U. expected Great Britain to pay to financially rescue several struggling nations. Nations that got into financial troubles all on their own, with zero fault from Britain. Britain...
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    Maglite led upgrade

    Issues crop up if anything goes wrong. I bought from Cloud Defense twice. First time, everything went smoothly. Second time was a nightmare when they accidentally sent me the wrong weapon-mount. After that came some very deliberate scumbag behavior on their part.