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    Protected 18650 went Dead !! What...

    Usually with a protected cell has the pcb tripped it can be woken up by putting it in parallel with a charged battery. To be safe some recommend using a resister to limit current. Even a battery at 3.6v should revive it. Many chargers have the ability to wake up a tripped protected cell. All...
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    Olight baldr pro cr123 problems

    Been using 123s since the 70s?. In cameras before lights. Never saw one with anything on the bottom of the battery. Many different brands. The same cells that fit in my Surefire and Streamlight weapon lights all fit in the Baldr. Would be nice if the OP came back with some more info. All the...
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    Olight baldr pro cr123 problems

    Just checked two other brands of 123s. None have anything on the base except the overlap of the wrapper. No rings. And all fit fine in my Baldr. All the Best,' Jeff
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    Olight baldr pro cr123 problems

    I just checked mine. It has streamlight 123s in it. They are, as far as I know, a standard size 123. All the Best, Jeff
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    UPDATE: Looking for a dummy 18650 cell

    Re: Looking for a dummy 18650 cell Sorry I took so long to respond. I’ve boxed a lot of stuff up preparing to move. I can’t find my battery spacer for the life of me. Here is one I made so that I could use an external power source with a couple of old camera Flashes of mine. It...
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    UPDATE: Looking for a dummy 18650 cell

    Re: Looking for a dummy 18650 cell I made one out of a dowel rod. Cut a groove down one side. Put a round top wood screw in each end. Ran 14g copper wire down inside the groove. Shrink wrap over it. It will stand up to any current current. And I don't have to worry about anything rubbing...
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    Can my dinosaur ROP (Roar of the Pelican) be saved?

    Can you post a pic of the bulb? There are lots of replacement options depending on the bulb style. All the Best Jeff
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    Flashlight PWM vs Camera Shutter interactions, An Experiment.

    Very true. Although at faster frequencies and larger Duty Cycles, it becomes difficult to discern in a photo. Once I have a light in hand, it’s easy to measure the PWM with some simple instruments and software. A sensor, computer soundcard, and free software works quite well. I did an...
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    Flashlight PWM vs Camera Shutter interactions, An Experiment.

    Are Video Reviews of flashlights a good indicator of Pulse Wave Modulation artifacts? I sometimes see a brief zap of PWM alien death beams in a video review. Sometimes the reviewer mentions them. Often saying they are not bothersome. And then followed by “Wow, look at that output, Amazing!”...
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    Anyone know where I can find a good disassembly tool?

    Try looking for watch or lens dissembly tools on Amazon. All the Best, Jeff
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    Can the PROTAC HL 5-X FLASHLIGHT handle the likes of ORBTRONIC 3400 mAh Batteries ?

    The HL5X tube is very long. The Streamlight 18650s have on the battery charging. Flat top or solder blobs are too short. Even some protected cells may need a little help. I used magnet spacers to be able to use button tops. I did a review here...
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    Illumination for older Kodak Duraflex

    I’ll resurrect the dead thread. (Bring Out Your Dead) drphilwv Did you ever do anything with this? Guess not with a POST count even lower than mine! Many of these old cameras had a BULB setting for using the flash. If I remember correctly this was usually 1/60s. You would need a stupid...
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    LED Modeling Bulbs for PCB White Lightnings?

    Those modeling lights are wicked bright. The trick will be finding something the right shape that has anything close to the same output. Also remember that it must be dimmable if you are going to use the proportional setting. Or if you want to settle for a constant brightness. Any Edison...
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    Gyrfalcon All-88 charger - how the hell does it work?

    What? “only when all slots are not placed in batteries, it can switch to the General mode” You translation want? You translation get! With no batteries installed, hold down the two large buttons C-V and Fn for 5 seconds and it will switch between Pro an General. All the slot lights will...
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    Duty Light Recommendations

    Another vote for the HL 5X. The more I use it the better I like it. Here are my thoughts as well as a run time on high. All the Best, Jeff
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    Please - your recommendations for lightweight, BRIGHT, headlamp for electronics work?

    For electronics I assume you are working at arms length. You won't need lot of lumens. What you need is an even flood without a hot spot. Take a look at the light I reviewed here. It's great for close up...
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    Around $50 - lightweight headlamp for working around the house

    Take a look at this one I reviewed here For less than $20 it's a great light fo around the house. The pure flood beam is a joy to work with. All the Best, Jeff
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    [Review] Streamlight ProTac HL 5-X

    Yeah, That was a turnoff considering Streamlights reputation. Shame - the more I play with it, the better I like it. wrf, I'll bet that was quite an adventure trying to get 9 clicks out of a wonky switch. Wonder if some contact clean down the switch area would reach anything that made a...
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    Surefire Stiletto disassembled

    Double Yikes. Looks like a short waiting for just the right pocket to ignite!
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    looking for opinions about MF Tactical or Monster Flashlights

    Welcome to CPF :wave: Until this post I’ve never of Monster Flashlights. Selling from inside the US is a good point. The Assembled in the US means just that. Imported parts screw together by Americans. And perhaps a better quality control than the off the boat form China stuff. But – I see...