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    Advice on an "entry level" Surefire

    If it doesn't have to be a Surefire, I'd go for a HDS Executive. At 99 bucks these are great value and IMHO somewhat more versatile than the Surefires. Another plus is that if you like it you may not feel such an irrepressible need to buy more lights ... :D
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    You have 5 seconds to decide ??

    I'd also grab my old HDS. However, mine is modded with a Cree XP-G R5. I *know* this light is totally reliable, it has all the low levewls I need, and I know the UI really well after all those years. Hans
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    If you could only have one flashlight...

    Still one of my HDS B42s, modded with an XPG R5. Four levels, insanely long runtimes on low, *very* bright on high, proven reliability. Plus it's smaller than the RA Clicky ... :D
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    ITP A3 (Upg.) vs. Fenix L0D Q4 (mini-comparo)

    Don't forget the LOD Q4 is a couple of years old. The latest version (LD01 with R2) does have textured reflector and a much smoother beam pattern.
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    Fenix Ld01 stainless or Regular?

    If you get the regular one, make sure you get the latest version (R2 emitter). Slightly brighter on high than the older version, a lower low, a slightly more pronounced spot and a somewhat smoother beam.
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    Who's still packing their HDS

    I still use a U42 (usually with a 2xCR123 body) and a B42XR, the U42 every day when I'm at home and the B42XR when I'm out and about. Both are stock, never got round to having them modded with a modern emitter. Doesn't really matter anyway, because I tend to use the low settings almost...
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    small single aaa waterproof bright w/ a clip for your hat and belt carry...

    I don't know the LF2XT well enough to offer any comment, but I'd recommend a Fenix LD01 over the Maratac and the ITP. It seems like reliability and waterproofing are important here, and the LD01 in its various incarnations - while in some ways not as nice as, for instance, the ITP - has proven...
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    Best 2xAA on the market today

    Plus a foolproof UI, a momentary clicky and excellent build quality. I think it's tougher than most other lights on the market.
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    New LD01 low output?

    You're right, I forgot about the original LOD and the Rebel-models. Just checked to see what I've got: LOP, LOP SE, LOD-CE, LOD-CE Q4, and now the latest version of the LD01. The LOD-CE has been my main EDC for several years - fairly good runtimes and, importantly, a slightly lower low than the...
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    New LD01 low output?

    I know ... :D Got one of those as well. 1 stage, Lux III emitter, fairly short runtime. But wasn't it called LOP rather than LOD?
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    New LD01 low output?

    Same here. I really like these small AAA lights, and I've got quite a few of them, among them several LODs/LD01s. The new version with the XP-E emitter has got a lower low than all the other variations of the LOD I've got, including the first version with the P4 emitter. My example is even lower...
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    Ra Clicky Part 7

    The HDS gives one low-power flash after battery replacement. Hans
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    Has your EDC "stabilized"?

    I'm still buying new gear from time to time. But I find I don't change my EDC anymore. It's the LOD Q4 which I use several times every day, and a HDS B42 in my pack. Same with knives: It's been a Victorinox Soldier and a Spyderco UK Penknife for the past two years. Tried carrying a small...
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    Any out of production lights you miss?

    Jil CR2 DD. Well-made CR2 light, long runtime, direct drive = no worries about failing PCB boards and so on. One of the best backup lights of all times IMO.
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    What is your Emergency light?

    It depends on where I am. My EDC is (still) the HDS B42 (because it has a very low low and has proven itself to be totally reliable) with two spare CR123 and a red LOD Q4 with a couple of Eneloops. I also carry an E01 with two lithiums as a backup. Talk about long runtime ... :D When I'm...
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    Dead Reliable Lights

    How do you judge reliability? I've got quite a few lights that never failed on me, but I don't use most of them enough to say something about their reliability. The only lights I feel I can can safely comment on are the ones I have been using day in and day out, in all sorts of situations, over...
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    How many lumens on low do you guys like?

    I'm quite happy with the 0.08 lumens of my HDS - but I wouldn't mind having an even lower low available. I never had any of my HDS modded because I didn't want to take any chances that the low might be a bit brighter :D Hans
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    UK 2AAA LED Penlight S(eLED)

    There have been a few reports of shorts in the Pocket Lights though. I had one get so hot that the plastic body actually deformed. I really wouldn't want to have that happen with lithium batteries. The Penlight seems to be safer in that respect, I never heard of any problems with the Penlight. Hans
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    Fenix PD30, PD20, LD10 and LD20

    Re: New Fenix models PD30, PD20, LD10 (thx devine) and LD20 (thx Marduke) I totally agree. I really like the Fenix lights, but I definitely want to have a *really* low low setting. There are many situations where having too much light is just as bad as having no light at all. The low of my LOD...
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    Always, always carry a torch ... Channel Tunnel fire

    It depends on how often you use it. If you use your light(s) every day in all sorts of situations, you'll most likely be aware of it and actually use it in a stressful situation. Using your light then becomes a habit. You don't really need to think about it anymore, you just do it. Which is...