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    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    My first LEP, an Astrolux WP4 arrived today and awaits me at home.
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    What light(s) is in your pocket today?

    Fenix E12 v2 Surefire 6P customer by Pflexpro
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    Sofirn S11C

    I agree with you. We have gone through a long way in flashlights. I like my sofirn s11c a lot. Use its low mode for ceiling bonce almost every night.
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    Sofirn IF22A for $40 shipped with a 21700. Another TIR thrower with SFT40 LED and the 40mm TIR lens. 2000 lumens and about 100kcd.
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    What's your most trusted light?

    Most of my lights are trusted. They are from surefire, malkoff, elzetta, HDS, Fenix, OLight, Zebralight, EAGTAC, the old 47s. Recently Sofirn lights are grown on me. They are of high quality, simple UI, and really reasonable prices.
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    $30 flashlight

    sofirn SP35 is on sale on sofirn website for $31. Good quality and high power. Even includes the 21700 battery
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    What light(s) is in your pocket today?

    Sure Scout. Still in my pocket today. This came to me from Pinkpanda a couple of months ago. He built it from a piece of copper pipe. The process is described in a thread on BLF. Below are some pictures from the thread showing the process.
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    Question on light battery combo for Alaska

    There are some cold-resistant 18650s, for example some from fenix. Supposed to be good.
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    What light(s) is in your pocket today?

    This copper beauty built from copper tube by a fellow member.
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    Olight Warrior Mini Stopped Working After Airplane Ride

    Possible solution. I had a very similar experience this morning with my warrior mini. I took the battery out to charge overnight. this morning when I put the battery back in, the light wont come on. In my case, I knew nothing was wrong, it was just something I did not realize. I attached it...
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    Sold/Expired PURGE

    Paypal sent for #7. Thank you!
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    Sold/Expired PURGE

    I will take #7 please
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    Yet Another Tedious EDC Recommendation Request *yawn*

    olight warrior mini? Apparently Zebra SC64c or SC64HI are great choices too. I have SC64c and like it a lot. Olight warrior mini or mini 2 would be more exciting, given almost doubled max lumen.
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    Need a new flashlight. I broke my Streamlight 2AA

    Was that the requirement? My apologies then
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    Need a new flashlight. I broke my Streamlight 2AA

    fenix e20 V2 is pretty nice.
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    Interesting Video Finds Part 4

    You are an honest man my friend. But why I still feel tricked?:thinking:
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    Surefire Sidekick... anyone with real use experience with this light?

    I am quite tempted but sort of turned away by the nasty PWM on low mode shown in a video review. Did you find it tolerable?
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    Searching: 2 stage (high/low), AA battery, forward click.

    The old foursevens quark tactical are good if you can find one.
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    Need recommendation. smallest light meeting these parameters?

    I like the beam of Acebeam L17 a lot. It is with a very concentrated tight hotspot, but does have some spill. It is also driven hard. You can learn about it with a few reviews and video reviews. Anxiously waiting for a review for Acebeam L18, which will be slightly bigger, but more throwy.
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    which single aa cell flashlights are regulated?

    Check on Fenix e12 v2? I do not have it but I have e20 v2, which uses the same design and optics. I like it