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    NovaTac EDC T and E Models CRACKED! Back Door/Easter egg found!

    The anodization layer itself is probably fine, I guess it's the black pigment embedded in it that breaks down. I have observed this with a couple of lights with black ano. By far the most extreme is an Ultrafire WF-600 which used to be black. I's now mostly a burnt red on the side facing the...
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    NovaTac EDC T and E Models CRACKED! Back Door/Easter egg found!

    Interesting that you would bump this thread right now. I reactivated my old Novatacs just a couple of hours before you posted, after not really using them for a couple of years. All of them are unlocked to the full functionality, of course. The black 85T and the "Classic" (2xAA) work fine (if...
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    My first led flashlight

    possibly. nobody on here will be able to help you unless you give us a description of the light. what's the model and brand name? what kind of battery did it come with? where did you get it from and how much did you pay for it? ideally, take a picture of the light with the battery next to it...
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    Review: Acebeam W10: white laser, 21700-battery, USB-C, 1000 meters, (beam)shots

    Since we are talking about visible (blue) laser radiation in this case, any substantial leak should be visible, especially when testing the flashlight at long distances. If a leak is too spread out to be noticeable, it is about as dangerous as the main flashlight beam (which, obviously, should...
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    Test/review of Nitecore 18650 2900mAh NL1829LTHP (Black-yellow) 2018

    Thanks for reviewing this interesting cell! Sadly, the freezer test is not that useful without testing at least one other cell to compare this to. The only other review I have seen suggests that this cell performs comparatively well in the cold, but the testing is documented very poorly in that...
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    SureFire D3 Defender

    I'm surprised to see that your light has the notch on the body where you would align the tailcap's notch, but has the non-lockout "laser products" tailcap with no notch.
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    SureFire D3 Defender

    yeah, dimerazorback's is an early model. it has a different style of clip, probably the crosshairs logo and an older style tailcap with unusual lettering. despite not being in production for too long, the D3 was sold in a variety of slightly different incarnations. at least 3 different bezels...
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    SureFire D3 Defender

    serial numbers are A05782 and A02791. the one with the higher number has the same body shape as yours, the other one has a more pronounced radius (no sharp edge) where the body widens next to the bezel.
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    SureFire D3 Defender

    I think the D2 is rarer still, I've only ever seen very few pictures of that. I have two D3's that I picked up cheap from the bay, they used to show up quite a lot over here a couple of years back. Interesting, the light on the picture has the new logo but the old-style round bezel. Both of...
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    More LEP version options for Acebeam W10

    @acebeam The review by user shows an increase in efficiency exceeding 50% when runtime testing is done under a fan for this light. link to review: link to specific runtime graph...
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    NCR18650B cells unreliable

    Your cells are of the "protected" type, which is very advisable in multi-cell flashlights like the BC40. This means they have an additional electronics module in the small black disc at the end (see for lots of pictures and a short...
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    Portable thrower comparison with lots of graphs

    Have you considered adding the MAXTOCH Xsword L2K to the list? While featuring a somewhat unwieldy name, the claimed throw is immense. It would be nice to have an early representative of the potentially disruptive LEP technology on the list.
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    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    I have an Emisar D4 coming. This will be my first pocketable multi-emitter light and also the first enthusiast level light I've bought in a long time. My flashaholism has been on a break these past years. It woke up when I saw a picture of the Zebralight SC700 on facebook. I'm a bit of a...
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    Thrunite TN35 versus ???

    The TN35 is a nice light, but it's not a thrower. The LED has a very large die area, that makes for a floody beam even with the big reflector. Under realistic circumstances, you will not get 500m of throw out of it. I have a TN35 (~2500 lm - 70,000 cd) and a saabluster modified TN31 (~900 lm -...
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    Maha Powerex MH-C9000 replacement power adapter

    As louie already wrote, the MH-C9000 expects a 12V, 2A power supply with a standardized plug that is very common. There's a chance that you might already have a suitable adapter around. My Xtar SP2 as well as an external hard drive came with adapters that are interchangeable with the Maha's.
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    All your lights, turned on in the bedroom.

    How the hell should I get all my lights together? It would take months of searching. Also I probably don't own enough batteries to turn them all on at the same time. This is insane.
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    Li-Ion Replacement for Surefire B90 possible/easy to build?

    Further designs have been made, prototypes built, etc. I'm hoping to have an adapter that meets my standards soon. The key features of what I'm currently attempting to build are: -1x18650 adapter: you put a 18650 into the adapter, drop the adapter into the battery compartment and get the normal...
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    Li-Ion Replacement for Surefire B90 possible/easy to build?

    XR-E doesn't have two beams ;) I love the incan light (just always being afraid of expensive :poof:), HI-CRI neutral white LEDs are still hard to get and don't even exist in the XM-L package. and the 9AN body feels amazing.
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    Li-Ion Replacement for Surefire B90 possible/easy to build?

    Re: Lit-Ion Replacement for Surefire B90 possible/easy to build? Prototype 1 is working with the 8NX. I have a plan for prototype 2 in mind. The L7 is LED so it doesn't need soft start.
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    Li-Ion Replacement for Surefire B90 possible/easy to build?

    Re: Lit-Ion Replacement for Surefire B90 possible/easy to build? After using homemade dumb adapters for some time I am currently testing a prototype 1x18650 adapter with soft-start circuit.