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    SureFire EDC1-DFT and EDC2-DFT

    I have noticed that on older e series lights, the O-ring can get damaged where the pocket clip slots into the body, even with the little plastic insert behidn the pocket clip. I wonder if the gasket is to stop this from happening and to provide a flat surface for the oring to sit on.
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    Cloud Defensive MCH multi mode?

    I also love malkoff, but they really need to get rid of that "on time" memory, that is super annoying not knowing what mode it will turn on in.
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    SureFire EDC1-DFT and EDC2-DFT

    I wish it was the same form factor as the modlites because I really like the Hi / low with no memory. The size really seems excessive, I wish it was easy to open up to see what exactly is taking up so much space in there. There is a dual stage sort of spring to ensure it works with shorter...
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    Old Timer Checking back in for a BRIGHT edc flashlight recommendation.

    Emisar D4V2 if youre ok with the user interface.
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    Anybody EDC a Streamlight ProTac HLx 1000lm? ^ I use this on my 6P to help stop the pocket activations. Just another option to consider. Not as easy to use though.
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    Mountain Electronics - SCAM….?

    Always had good experience with mtn electronics. Glad your stuff shipped.
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    Yep nothing new for surefire. They take their time.
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    Is There A Limit To Bike Lights?

    You could check out a light that has a beam cutoff so you dont blind anyone. Maybe youre offroad and dont care though in which disregard. Im happy with this one. Or go big and get a Lupine.
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    Help Me Select A Bicycle Taillight

    +1 on the garmin varia. I won’t ride my bike without it anymore. The taillight itself is nice and will blink faster as traffic approaches, as well as the radar when paired with your phone or garmins bike computer.
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    E series switch boot

    No idea if this will work but I need an e series boot as well and was gonna try this:
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    The 4Sevens and Foursevens Picture and Random Question Thread?

    Still waiting on a programmable driver for these. Or at lease an option to turn memory off completely.
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    Surefire EDC Options: how important is "virtually indestructible"?

    I wouldn’t sleep on the stiletto pro for an edc either. Nice shape for carry.
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    Old School Tana TripLED (SOLD)

    I’ll take it. PM sent.
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    The Malkoff Front Porch

    Great name, I love the 340pd and all the scandium revolvers ^ I’m waiting for either off time memory like everyone else, or better yet an actual programmable driver. Could be a solder bridge away from programming to keep most people happy who want simple.
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    Surefire Scout Light Pro M640DF - which 18650 are compatible? Problems?

    Not really an answer to your question, but you can always get a similar mount like the pro from Valhalla tactical if you wanna piece together something. Just a thought.
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    Potential body and tailcap for the E2XTL

    Dual fuel, or DF, is just the larger 18650 compatible scout lights from surefire. The E2XTL is compatible with this thread size.
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    Potential body and tailcap for the E2XTL

    Modlite, Valhalla tactical, and Weltool make bodies for dual fuel heads. Maybe more but that what I know off the top of my head.
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    Lumintop FWAAvn - Smallest Triple R

    If you can find a throw optic I want one with W2 I was hoping the frosty-ish optic was a film ontop of a clear optic. Bummer. The sst one I have has a nice tint but its super floody
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    Sold/Expired ---Sold--- Overeade E2e, D18, K1 sbt90, SL2, S200C2vn, FW4A, etc

    Re: WTS: Overeade E2e, D18, K1 sbt90, SL2, S200C2vn, FW4A, etc The initial post turned into a mess with all the pics and text.
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    More Happiness… Malkoff MDC + KeepPower 3.0V RCR123

    Yeah they're e-series compatible. Making an e series thread 18xxx compatible tube makes the threads super thin and probably not super durable, though it obviously can be done. The malkoff adapter they sell makes the light a decent amount longer, so that's not ideal either. Its not them being...