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  1. pseudoblue

    The A-AA2, my second version of the battery vampire - picture heavy

    Really nice work there PCC, and you made it look easy :thumbsup: :popcorn:
  2. pseudoblue

    4Sevens Maelstrom X10 (XM-L, 26650) Review: RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOTS and more!

    I'm guessing the difference is the protection circuit, but not the quality. The X10's battery would not allow higher current draws specific to the S12, but sufficient for the X10. Safer perhaps.
  3. pseudoblue

    Power Outage last night, this is what the wife said.

    hey thanks to the power outage, if not you'll never find out :)
  4. pseudoblue

    12-Hour Blackout - Lessons learned - What light(s) is most useful?

    The H501w runtime alone is great, as well as the Quark AA which I have too. I think you've compared their function instead of the actual runtime, because the Quark has a nice hotspot which is visible enough even on medium mode from a distance, and for a pure flood light to compete with that...
  5. pseudoblue

    12-Hour Blackout - Lessons learned - What light(s) is most useful?

    Affirming that the Zebralight H501w is a great lightweight, compact headlamp. I believe this can be really awesome in any blackout situation, especially when you need both hands free and where lanterns (which are awesome) can be limited at times. I have used it as a night lamp for close to a...
  6. pseudoblue

    Taint no justice in this world...(Light Story)

    Aww man... well, you tried your best, gotta let it go. Goodbye Kroma :mecry:
  7. pseudoblue

    Taint no justice in this world...(Light Story)

    He must be really happy right now, having fun with his Kroma and forgot to update us. :p
  8. pseudoblue

    Taint no justice in this world...(Light Story)

    Good luck! Well, I wonder how it'll turn out. If the Kroma fell into your hands, there may be justice after all.. :D
  9. pseudoblue

    Advice on Surefire LX2

    Yeap, the LED is an XR-E but no info of which binned. Tint is white, but warmer or more yellow than the XP-G's cool white tint. Regarding rechargeable option, other than BigC's test with RCR, I've also gathered info from a friend who had used 2x RCR123 and it doesn't seem to have problems. I am...
  10. pseudoblue

    Rate your best lights by price $ to $$$

    1. Best $100+ light = Surefire LX2 2. Best $51 to $99 light = Quark Turbo 123^2 Warm, EagleTac P20C2 MKII, Zebralight H501w 3. Best $10 to $50 light = Quark Mini 123 NW
  11. pseudoblue

    Need a powerful thrower

    It's hard to tell one's expectations when they want a thrower really. But based on what you've said and your criteria, the Quark Turbo 123^2 XPG R5 is brighter than the PD20 and throws much better as well. It also has better heatsinking and stays on Turbo mode for a long time, if not till the...
  12. pseudoblue

    M3LT... it has arrived!!

    Awesome! Will wait for your formal review, do include beamshots :D :thumbsup:
  13. pseudoblue

    Suprise! Fenix E10 Landed - w/Pics

    The E10 may not be something a flashaholic is looking for. You guys may not be satisfied! But I bought it anyway (don't ask me why!! But..). Maybe when I saw the beam and the tint for this rebel LED, I went:drool::huh: and got poisoned by Rookiedaddy :crazy: It is just a very simple light...
  14. pseudoblue

    Surprised there isn't more talk about the P20C2 MKII...

    Not sure if you came across this thread, there's some talk about it here: My P20C2 MKII has been great :thumbsup:
  15. pseudoblue

    Short List, Long List!!

    Short: Zebralight SC30w Neutral White drop-in for P20C2 MK II Long: Maelstrom S1200 or S1800
  16. pseudoblue

    The biggest flashlight test from Russia

    Re: The biggest flashlight test from Russia :huh: wow........... These are such great work and just plenty of effort and consistency you've put in. The pictures, beamshots, the website, the tests... :bow: Note: Found Polarion PH50 jpg didn't load, maybe it's my line..
  17. pseudoblue

    Fenix TA21 cannot tail stand

    :eek: :shrug: Mine: This was woodrow's: EDIT: Btw, thanks Blackbeard for the reply from fenix
  18. pseudoblue

    Fenix TA21 cannot tail stand

    I'm surprised there are more TA21 that does not tailstand. Do let us know what Fenix reply is :)
  19. pseudoblue

    Quarks failed. I need a new pocket light

    Ooo, i hear recommendations of P20C2 MK II and RRT-0! They are also my current main EDCs :D So far so good. :thumbsup: The RRT-0 has been really put to good use and it has been reliable (got it in Dec 09). The P20C2 is only a month old, no issues so far. I would recommend to get your Quarks...