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  1. Grubbster

    Thrunite TN4A (XP-L V6, 4xAA) review: RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOTS, VIDEO and more!

    Yep, it was for a fixed time. I picked one up for $32. It will be in my mailbox today. Gotta love Amazon.
  2. Grubbster

    Thrunite TN4A (XP-L V6, 4xAA) review: RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOTS, VIDEO and more!

    If anyone needs one of these they are on a lightning deal today over on the "jungle" site.
  3. Grubbster

    Whats your choice of bathroom paint?

    There are paints specifically designed for bathrooms. It has some type of anti-fungal element and is a semi gloss. I redid my bathroom ceiling about a month ago so it is still to early to tell how it will do. I got the paint at Lowes. Just ask them for paint designed for bathrooms.
  4. Grubbster

    Knurled Stainless Steel El Capitan

    Curt, Could you snap a quick pick of one of these and post? It doesn't need to be catalog quality :). Also, when will these be ready?
  5. Grubbster

    Peak Eiger Rebel AAA?

    I have a #7 cool medium on order and Curt told me it was the first #7 ordered. I should see it any day. I am hoping it will give decent runtime with near max brightness.
  6. Grubbster

    Some notes from a power outage last night

    We were out for 7 days after an ice storm this past winter. I found the best things were low level lights, lanterns, and head lights. We kept lanterns in each room and head lights on each person. Hand held lights were almost not needed.
  7. Grubbster

    How does the Peak Eiger compare to say an LF2XT or LD01?

    Totally different lights. I just got my Eiger today. It is just on-off; no levels like the other two you listed. I got the wide beam model so it really is not comparable in terms of beam either. It seems like a great light though. I got the #5 level and am running it on a 10440. Doing a...
  8. Grubbster

    Peak Eiger Rebel AAA?

    I got my Eiger today! It is a stainless steel #5 power with a wide angle reflector and a natural led. I am going to run it with a 10440. I can't wait till it gets dark. Inside observations: the beam is very wide with almost no hotspot; kind of a square beam, but not distracting; quite bright...
  9. Grubbster

    Power outage gave me a chance to use my LED lights.

    We had a major ice storm here a few months ago (still a lot of clean up going on) and we had power out for one week. Luckily we were very prepared for such and event and did not suffer much hardship. Even though the temperature was below zero, we have ventless gas logs and gas water heater so...
  10. Grubbster

    Police Officer looking for Strion replacement

    Peak Night Patrol. Made for what you are looking for. Very high quality build.
  11. Grubbster

    Anyone have a Night Patrol?

    I looked at the light and it does sound interesting, but I was put off by the optic instead of a reflector. I am too fond of spill. :whistle:
  12. Grubbster

    Man, I just want a simple two-mode Cree with a low-low...

    You might look at the Lumapower LM31. It is a Seoul instead of Cree and the low may be a little brighter than you are wanting, but it is pretty low. The light is a nice balance between flood and throw.
  13. Grubbster

    fenix e01 vs maglite mini 2aa?

    I live in Kentucky and ordered one on Wednesday of this week and received it on Friday. You will get great service and fast shipping from the Fenix Store. The only color they have in stock currently is black, so if you want a different color it will take longer.
  14. Grubbster

    Looking for Snow Vendor

    Check with ARC. I believe they are selling individual LEDs. Otherwise give Peak a call. They will also sell a few.
  15. Grubbster

    First Responder still available?

    They have been at SHOT so they are probably behind. Give them a call to check on status.
  16. Grubbster

    Looking for EDC with VERY low Lumen output

    Photon REX will go lower than the Novatac. Very easy UI to master. Only about $25 AND it is rechargeable from any normal battery.
  17. Grubbster

    Put Your Photon Rex Comments/Reviews Here!

    It comes in a "demonstration" mode. You have to hold the switch down for about 20 seconds until the light turns off. That will take it out of that mode.
  18. Grubbster

    Photon ReX? Also check out the new proton!

    I just got my Rex today. First impression; this thing seems as bright as my Proton, but the beam is restricted because of the plastic above and below the array. Color is good without much blue in the beam, has a yellow tint like other DS leds. The charger is really cool! I hooked it up to a...
  19. Grubbster

    My Photon Rex Has Been Shipped!!!

    I got my notification of shipping also. I had forgotten that I had placed a preorder!