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  1. GillBates

    Olight perun 2

    I haven't heard much talk about olight on here. I have always been a Fenix guy but recently was gifted a perun 2. And it just seems like kind of a dumpy headlamp
  2. GillBates

    Fenix TK61 upgrade

    So nobody can recommend me a light?
  3. GillBates

    Fenix TK61 upgrade

    I've been out of the game for a while and recently started looking at lights again. I have a TK61 that has amazing throw. I dedomed it and replaced a couple resistors for ultimate throw. But now I've been seeing lights up to 50,000 lumens for around $350. I'm thinking of upgrading and was...
  4. GillBates

    Fenix TK61 replacement

    I have a Fenix TK61 that I bought back in 2014. I haven't really kept up with lights the last few years but it's rated at 1,000lumens and I noticed a lot of their other newer lights are rated at 1,000 or better even ones running off one 18650 battery. Have LED's come that far in the last 7 years?
  5. GillBates

    Amazon cheap light alternative with specific features

    What I meant was I'm looking for one quality light to replace these cheap ones. But I am having trouble finding any reputable manufactures that make something close to this. The only lights I'm familiar with are fenix and olight I don't know any other manufactures and google results when looking...
  6. GillBates

    Amazon cheap light alternative with specific features

    Amazon sells a light (2 for $24.99) that uses a single 18650. It has adjustable focus a magnetic base and a led strip light on the side. I find these lights incredibly useful and have all the features I could want with an EDC. Unfortunately, they are cheap and I am on my 3rd light in a little...
  7. GillBates

    UV light picked up at a Gem Show

    A buddy of mine picked this up a while back. Seems to work pretty good. Cost him around $100 and as soon as I saw the batteries I knew something was fishy. I'm guessing the person selling these just got the host and soldered a UV light on the board. I haven't been messing with flashlights much...
  8. GillBates

    I left my tk-61 in my suitcase and it burned itself out kinda...

    I fixed it just had to put in a new resistor. I went with lower ohms so I'm sure it's even brighter now
  9. GillBates

    I left my tk-61 in my suitcase and it burned itself out kinda...

    It's been a long time since I have posted. Used to be a spotlight fanatic then life happened anyways, I Pulled it out of my suitcase after a 8 hour drive. And it kinda turns on like it wants to the same was a fluorescent ballast tries to fire a bulb. Batteries are still charged to 4.18V they are...
  10. GillBates

    LED to backlight a small LCD screen

    I recently got into metal detecting and I like to go out in the evenings or early mornings sometime when there is no light out. What I want to do is figure out a way to back light my LCD screen so I can see it at night. The detector runs on 4AA batteries. What kind of led/driver would I need for...
  11. GillBates

    Headlamp $75 or less adjustable throw flood high lumens

    I'm looking for a headlamp something incredible bright with a couple different brightness levels an adjustable focus and maybe a led for tracking. Ohand something I may be able to mod in the future. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Gill
  12. GillBates

    What would get you excited about flashlights again?

    I was pretty excited when I ordered a fleshlight. I hate that damn thing. It doesn't light up anything at all!
  13. GillBates

    Dropping Li-Ion batteries - how bad?

    I dropped a Li-ion once and our chemistry changed it just wasn't meant to be.
  14. GillBates

    Don't drink and mod!!

    Lesson learned [/IMG]
  15. GillBates

    Cree XM-L2 U2 question.

    What does the code U2 mean on this led? I have found many cree xm-l2 led's online but I haven't been able to figure out what the U2 means. Could anybody help me out?
  16. GillBates

    Tk61 170000cd?

    I am going to gonwith the standard Fenix tk61. I need to get a little more familiar with all this stuff. Still tryung to figure out the best batter charger combo for the tk61. Just came across this not sure if its a good idea though
  17. GillBates

    Tk61 170000cd?

    That's what I'm thinking. Either way both are bright just one looks brighter. Guess ill go with fenix-store thanks for the info. Btw what's up with amazon and the tk61 4 18650 batteries and charger for $216
  18. GillBates

    Tk61 170000cd?

    Well I'm not too concerned I just want a higher intensity looking type light. I've been to the website and found that 170000 looks about standard. By the way where is a good site to buy this light. I've seen thet have fenix which one is best or...
  19. GillBates

    Tk61 170000cd?

    Do all Fenix tk61's come with a 170000cd intrnsity? I'm about to order one and just want to make sure that I get a nice "cool white" light. Thanks
  20. GillBates

    TK61 best battery and charger setup.

    Wow, thanks for all the info figured out exactly what I'm going to use. Really excited to get this light!