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    First purchase 2014?

    My first purchase this year was the Fenix TK-75. No regrets so far.
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    Nice flashlight under $40

    The Nitecore 21a is a great 2AA thrower. You might also look at the line of Convoy lights. I have 2 of those bit I'm not home now and can't remember which models. Very bright.
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    Replacement for my 3 year old Fenix PD10?

    I have a Fenix E15 on my keychain and love it. Small bright 3 mode twistie.
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    *Impression Pictures* Fenix PD35

    I so need to order one of those! Is the PD35 as Floody as the PD32 UE?
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    625 lumen Defiant 5C Tactical LED light

    I don't know about the 5C model yet , but the 3D 590 lumen Defiant won't miss it's advertised mark by much if at all. Very bright light for $30.00. It will actually out throw my Fenix TK35 820 lumen model. It is heavy though.
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    problem with my fenix pd32 ue

    Hello Tyler A, My PD32 UE had a similar problem after abuot two weeks of carrying it. The problem in my case was that the head end of the flashlight had become slightly loose. I tightened it up and the problem stopped. I then cleaned all the contact points and it has been trouble free since. I...
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    Which Battery to Buy?

    I don't have a lot of time on the forum but if it was me I'd opt for a higher mah for longer run times. As long as you buy good quality batteries I think you'll be happy. I dont know anything about other brands but I bought 3 Orbtronic 3400mah batts to use in my Fenix TK35 and PD32 UE. They...
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    Surefire e2dl ultra

    I just saw the update on this thread, the Ultra is finally here. I admit to being a Surefire fan for years, didn't know brighter lights were available. I've got one of the first E2D LEDs 120 lumens I think, I carried it on duty for years and found it to be a great light. Can't wait to get the...
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    My new Fenix LD12 gen2 has PWM

    I don't know if this is a sign of PWM or not, but I noticed the other night when i shined the light on an exposed high speed computer cooling fan while cycling through the levels on my LD12-R5 that the blades on the fan appeared to stop during one of the two middle settings. At the time I...