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  1. leukos

    Any oldschool folk here from 10+ years ago?

    I started lurking and reading posts in 2002 and joined in 2004, but haven't been very active the last few years as house remodel and other hobbies have taken over. I am still making new flashaholics with family and friends though, the last one being just this Christmas [emoji12]
  2. leukos

    Lifetime Supply!

    Yes, if the tungsten is on the glass, then the xenon/halogen is not returning it to the filament = reduced bulb life
  3. leukos

    Lifetime Supply!

    Under-driven incans develop tungsten deposits on the glass. The glass may darken over time and reduce output.
  4. leukos

    Sold/Expired WTB Surefire G2Z Nitrolon

    G2Z with grip rings removed and clip added is my favorite P60 host.
  5. leukos

    What was the first (and last) flashlight that made you go "whoa . . ."

    Mag1185 was the first for me. The last was a 4,000 lumen XHP70 in a 2x 18350 host I built myself.
  6. leukos

    Discontinued flashlight that you love

    Ti Bitz. It is probably the most perfect form factor of my whole collection.
  7. leukos

    Where did all the oldtimers go.

    Old fart enough to still enjoy my incandescents!
  8. leukos

    Poll - Chinese Made Flashlights: Best Overall Quality

    I'll vote for Zebralight as best all around Chinese light. As for hosts, I have been impressed with Convoy lately. Very easy to mod.
  9. leukos

    Can a FET single mode Direct Drive driver be used for Hotwire?

    Hi, bigchelis I'm no expert on circuit boards, but I don't see why not. If your single mode is 100%, the FET is essentially direct drive. An FET produces very little heat, but it might have an amperage limit which could result in melted components and deformed spring. But if you are not...
  10. leukos

    lightweight emergency hiking light

    I'm a backpacker and I use the zebralight H32fw.
  11. leukos

    Sold/Expired Copper p60 triple shells. *another run incoming*

    Re: ALL SOLD: Copper p60 triple shells. *another run incoming* Put me down as interested in one for the second run.
  12. leukos

    ALL SOLD CQvn P60 - Solid Copper P60 Quad

    Re: CQvn P60 - Solid Copper P60 Quad Deleted
  13. leukos

    Streamlight Sidewinder Compact II Review

    Has anyone tried disassembling this light? Would an emitter swap be difficult? It looks like the four screws over the lens would be easy enough to remove.
  14. leukos

    Make your own 4AA P60 host: PT 40 mod

    Well said, FM. Not all of us want to turn everything into an LED, well driven incans are still the most pleasing light to my eyes when I am walking around outdoors.
  15. leukos

    Where did all the oldtimers go.

    Yes, I agree with the sentiments. The "old timers" are the ones who created the fantastic, generous, family culture of this forum, quite unlike most other online communities. Many thanks! from member #4646.