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    Battery case for coin cells (CR2016, CR2032, etc.)

    After much searching on the internet, I hit a gun forum that suggested using a Bausch and Lomb contact lens case to hold CR2032's. The poster cut the double lens case into two single battery carriers (you could leave the case intact as a double CR2032 carrier). I also found 20mm coin capsules...
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    Battery case for coin cells (CR2016, CR2032, etc.)

    Does anyone know of a store-bought or DIY storage case for coin cells? I'd like to carry a spare CR2016 for my Photon Freedom and a CR2032 for my Aimpoint. Carrying them in the original blister pack, trimmed around the cells with scissors, is the simple solution, but so inelegant.
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    What is your current EDC Flashlight... and how do you like to carry? Pics :)

    Re: What is your current EDC Flashlight... and how do you like to carry? I alternate between a Fenix LOD and Quark Mini123 in my right front pocket. A Photon II is on my keychain as an emergency backup, which I consider my most important light in case I forget my primary or the battery dies.
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    Pocket Sheath for Quark Mini123?

    Has anyone found a pocket sheath to fit the Mini123? I'm trying to prevent my new Mini from being scratched up by pocket change.
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    Best light for an elderly lady's purse?

    Years ago I bought my 70ish mom an Arc AAA, in red and engraved with her name. She really liked it. In her 80's now, a replacement light would definitely be single mode, perhaps an AA model for easier manipulation.
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    When should I install a new battery in my EDC?

    I feel your pain, not knowing the state of your batteries. I used to be concerned of having a mostly discharged battery in an emergency, but didn't want to waste batteries by throwing away partly discharged ones. I solved the problem with rechargable CR123's and AAA's. Every month or so, or...
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    L1D Question

    I'm a big fan of Fenix lights but wouldn't trust one on my guns for self-defense. Save up the money and buy a light specifically designed for pistols.
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    Best Trips For Flashoholics?

    I took a Caribbean Cruise on Princess that stopped at Bardados. I took a tram ride through Harrison's Caves. My E2 with a new L2 LED head came in handy for looking at underground features that weren't well lit. When the tram lost power and stranded us for a half hour, the light was a comfort...
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    Best way to shim batteries?

    Thin carboard rolled into a cylinder.
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    Looking for flashlight that turns itself off

    Buy a cheap AAA charger and keep one or two AAA's always charging. Then you always have a charged AAA battery. BTW you are a cool uncle, letting you nephew play with your ARC. Flashlights are fascinating for little kids. He will become a CPF member when he grows up.
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    Anyone EDC a Arc AAA Exclusivley?

    I used to carry an ARC AAA and Photon II. I still carry the Photon II but replaced the ARC with a Fenix for the extra brightness.
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    Anybody from Buffalo NY?

    Thanks for the info ATVMan and Mosport. I read on the 'net that some people won't get power till NEXT weekend. Are the mail services operating? My friend lives in Williamsville. ATVMAN: Just curious, which model Surefire do you have and how many CR123 batteries did you consume in the...
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    Anybody from Buffalo NY?

    I'm in California and can't reach a friend in Buffalo where they are having a continuing power blackout. What is the situation there? Is there a shortage of batteries? I'm thinking of sending flashlights and batteries to my friend by express mail.
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    Shake Flashlight Recommendation?

    I'm not a fan of shakelights but they have their place as a last ditch flashlight that doesn't depend on batteries. Does anyone know of the longevity of the capacitor? My limited experience in electronics years ago taught me that capacitors had short lifespans of only a few years. Things...
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    CMG Infinity Ultra? Did I get screwed?

    Oh no! Botach! You will never get an exchange or your money back. They will ignore all your emails and calls. I've dealt with them and will never buy anything from them.
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    Fenix L0P - Great Casual EDC

    I love my Fenix L0P, clipped to my pants pocket or inside a jacket pocket. I don't worry about the runtime since I always have the Photon Freedom as a backup on my key chain.
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    Charging Regular NiMH's in Rayovac I-C3 charger?

    Because of this I gave my I-C3 charger to a friend and bought the Eveready 15 minute charger which will charge any Nimh AA or AAA.
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    Bubbling NiMh clear liquid venting

    When I first charged up a new set of Rayovac 15 minute AA batteries, two of the cells started to pop and crackle from excess heat and oozed a black tarry liquid. I sent the two defective cells back to Rayovac and they sent me four good ones for free.
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    Energizer 15 minute charger VS. Maha MH-C801D

    Got my Energizer charger yesterday. I also presumed the charging stations were independent, but as a quick experiment I inserted one aaa and one AA battery. Every few minutes the charging light mysteriously cycled between red and green. This went on for about a half hour, so I removed the AAA...